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Argos launch investigation after mum’s tablet “explodes” while sat in drawer – Consumer News UK

Broken Argos tablet
Amy says it is lucky the item was in a drawer at the time. (Image: Amy Pears-Saunders)

ARGOS is investigating after one of their tablets “exploded” while sitting in its owner’s drawer.

Amy Pears-Saunders, from Thorndon, Norfolk shared shocking photos of her £50 7″ Alba tablet following the incident on Friday.

The mum says she had a “lucky escape” after discovering the damaged item, which is just one year old.

The photos show how the device has almost completely split apart, with the screen bent and peeling away from the gadget.

The rupture has also left the internal hardware of the device exposed and the screen has a large crack across its centre.

Cracked screen
The screen also cracked during the incident. (Image: Amy Pears-Saunders)

Another picture appears to show how the battery has “swollen”.

Concerned Amy took to Facebook to warn other consumers shortly after the item was damaged.

She posted the photos saying: “Do not buy Alba tablets from Argos.

“I got my other half this for his Xmas present and today after being placed flat in the draw, in between uses, it has exploded like this.

“We are thankful it was in a draw inside a case or this could have been worse.

Swollen battery
The battery appears “swollen”. (Image: Amy Pears-Saunders)

“The tablet was stored away from heat so it’s not a result of mistreatment. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

“Use had been minimal also as it barely charged the past 3-4months but due to the pandemic, nowhere was able to take a look as to why. Guessing it’s a good thing it wasn’t charged.

“Might I add Argos, this is only a year old also so it makes it even worse.

“Spoke to customer reports and their pathetic answer was our safety team will contact you, but it’s probably outside of the warranty terms having exploded.

“It’s a fault, sort it Argos, this could have caused serious harm and fire.”

Broken tablet
Amy says she has never seen anything like it before. (Image: Amy Pears-Saunders)

A member of Argos’ social media team then responded to Amy saying they would refer it to their product safety team.

The adviser wrote: “I’m sorry you have had issues with the battery on your tablet. I can see that it is swollen and this can be caused by many factors.”

Speaking today, Amy said: “I am absolutely shocked by the way it is being dealt with from Argos and sadly they seem to be shrugging the seriousness off as a light fault.

“We put it away and then two days later found it like the photos.

“There was no warning, no tell tale signs, it just exploded.

“They have since tried palming me off with excuses after excuses even after proving it’s still under warranty.”

An Argos spokeswoman said: “The safety of our products is our highest priority and we’re in touch with Amy to investigate.”

It is not the first time Argos’ Alba tablets have been under scrutiny.

In 2016, the high street giant recalled thousands of chargers for the devices amid fears they could cause electric shocks.

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