Poundland lavender pillow mist hailed as “exact” dupe for £20 Lush spray – Consumer News

Land of Nod spray
The soothing spray is on sale for just £1. (Image: Lauren Scott)

SAVVY Poundland shoppers are raving about their new lavender pillow mist and claim it is a total dupe for Lush’s pricier spray.

The Land of Nod range is being hailed as “exactly like” Lush’s £20 Twilight body spray – but at a snip of the price.

The new line of relaxing shower gels, essential oils and pillow mists, all available for £1, was first shared into Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK by Katie Blackbourn from Witham, Essex.

The 32-year-old who “absolutely loves” Lush’s lavender products, shared snaps of the Poundland goodies on Sunday, after remembering how popular their previous pillow sprays were.

Lush body spray
The Twilight body spray retails for £20. (Image Lauren Scott)

Her enthusiasm was echoed by group member Lauren Scott, who spotted a resemblance between the items and the Lush range.

The mum from Christchurch, Dorset wrote yesterday: “Thank you to the person who posted about the new ‘Land of Nod’ range in Poundland.

“Got this spray today and it smells exactly like the Lush ‘Twilight’ spray I usually buy for £20!

“Definitely want to try more of the range, they had shower gels, bath bombs, soap bars all sorts, well worth a look.”

Poundland Lad of Nod range
The range includes bath powders and essential oils. (Image: Katie Blackbourn)

The post has excited fellow group members who are keen to get their hands on the scent.

One woman wrote: “Oh brilliant find, I love Twilight.”

Another added: “Hoping this is as good as Twilight, might have to buy a box full.”

One member said: “Might have to get some. It’s a lot cheaper than the Lush one I wanted to try.”

And another added: “I’m going on a hunt for this.”

Speaking today, Lauren, 23, said: “They are pretty similar.

Lauren Scott
Lauren and son Harley are both fans. (Image: Lauren Scott)

“I usually use the Lush spray for myself as I have suffered with insomnia since childhood and also my one year old son too.

“I tried the Poundland one on my son’s sheet last night and he loved it just as much, really helps him settle.”

While Katie, 31, said: “I absolutely love the Lush Twilight spray and sleepy cream – they really work.

“I just spotted it when I was in there and I knew that their last pillow spray was popular and hard to get hold of.”