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iPlayer viewers baffled after iconic kids’ TV show is slapped with disclaimer about “language and attitudes”-Entertainment News

BBC iPlayer users have been left baffled after an iconic children’s TV show was slapped with a disclaimer about its potentially out-of-date “language and attitudes”.

The warning appeared on the streaming service before episodes of Brum, the children’s show about a mischievous car with a mind of its own.

Viewers were left baffled by the notice, which warned the series “may reflect” the views of the 1990s when it was first aired.

The disclaimer has caused widespread hilarity online after it was spotted by social media users.

Brum- Entertainment News
Brum the star of the 90’s hit show

The white pop-up box which appears before watching the show reds: “This series was originally aired in the 90’s and early 00’s and may reflect the language and attitude of the time.”

The notice has since been removed by the BBC after they spotted the “mistake”, however it did not stop Twitter users mocking the error online.

@Scottygb wrote: “Goodness me, what actually happened in episodes of Brum?”

@JonHollis9 added: “Oh look, it’s the popular tv anti-hero Brum.”

One user @psythor wrote a thread saying; “I couldn’t quite believe this, so I checked and amazingly, it is real.

Twitter Post Brum- Entertainment News
One user shared their disbelief

“The inevitable conclusion to this is Brum appearing on Question Time and spending all of his time ranting about the woke snowflakes in Extinction Rebellion.”

“Stop giving Brum attention! We’ll cry, as he trends at the top of Twitter and thanks to most right-on Twitterati losing their minds

“Transforms into a new pantomime villain for the Question Time, GMB, This Morning, Sky News pipeline.

However, the user claimed to have gone to the BBC who said the message was an error.

The BBC have since confirmed this and a spokesman said today: “This label was added in error and has been removed from Brum on BBC iPlayer.”

Twitter post Brum 2-Entertainemtn News
The BBC confirmed the message was an error to a Twitter user

Brum which first aired in 1991 was produced by Anne Wood and narrated by Toyah Willcox.

Brum focused around a car who sneaks out into the town when his owner isn’t watching and goes on adventures.

The show proved hugely popular and in September this year, all episodes were uploaded to BBC iPlayer.

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