Unassuming caravan that hides “Pirates of the Carribbean” set inside – Travel News UK


Caravan exterior

TO any passersby, this static caravan might seem pretty ordinary.

However, after opening the door, holidaymakers will soon discover it in fact is pretty extraordinary.

Once inside, this unassuming caravan reveals itself to be the UK’s ever “fully-themed, part interactive” static home, which promises to make staycationers feel like they are on the set of Pirates of the Carribbean.

The caravan at Reighton Sands, Filey in Yorkshire is decked out entirely in a pirate theme, complete with worn sails, treasure maps and swords.

Pirate bed
The caravan is fully decked out in pirate gear. (Image supplied)

The owners, husband and wife, Keith and Claire Webster, say they have worked hard to make the caravan a “fun, realistic and creative stay”.

Features include  a personalised greeting in a bottle, as well as a treasure hunt further inside and mysterious clues to solve a combination lock on a secret treasure cupboard door.

Gareth Irving, Managing Director UKcarvans4hire.com who list the static home said: “Given the current climate, everyone is looking forward to a holiday and getting away.

Interior pirate caravan
The caravan is chocked full of activities. (Image supplied)

” but it can be hard to find that special place for your whole family to enjoy that doesn’t break the bank.

“It’s great to see caravan owners making such an effort to ensure families have a fantastic time during a staycation – the themed caravans with interactive fun activities certainly provide a memorable experience for the whole family.”