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NewsTV vet slams Sainsbury's over shirt which "normalises animal mutilation"

TV vet slams Sainsbury’s over shirt which “normalises animal mutilation”

A TV Vet has accused Sainsbury’s of promoting “animal mutilation” on one of their shirts.

Cat Henstridge, who appears on CBBC’s The Pets Factor, has slammed the design for promoting dogs with cropped tails and ears.

The £18 shirt in question features cartoon prints of various dog breeds, including what appears to be a Dobermann with a docked tail and cropped ears.

In an online post on Saturday [19 Sep], Cat blasted Sainsbury’s for “promoting and normalising” the “abhorrent and painful practice” with the design.

The Animal Welfare Act of 2006 forbids ear and tail docking and dogs who have been through the process are no longer allowed to be shown in the UK.

Sainsbury's top-Consumer News UK
The Sainsbury’s top which caused controversy

The vet from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, urged her followers to sign a petition banning the importation of cropped dogs from abroad.

She also shared a graphic image showing the gruesome ear cropping procedure being performed on a dog to highlight the reality of the practice.

Writing on Facebook, she said: “I am very disappointed to see this Sainsbury’s shirt promoting and normalising cropped ears and tails on dogs.

“This is an illegal mutilation in the U.K. and has no place here.  We have to stop the creeping acceptance of ear cropping.

“The second picture shows the actual reality of cropping ears but be warned, it is distressing.

“Please sign this petition to stop the importation of cropped dogs into the UK and help us save dogs from this painful and abhorrent practice.”

The Facebook post -Consumer News
Cat explained why the shirt was inappropriate on Facebook

Cat’s post has received an outpouring of support from fellow social media users.

Emma-Louise Bonham-Murton wrote: “How awful and stupid! Maybe they should have done their research properly.”

Lou Rae added: “Urgh. What a shame. Just once again shows the lack of education on these subjects.”

And Lindsay Tempest added: “I’ve just emailed them complaining! Not acceptable.”

However, Stephanie Page said: “I don’t feel like they’re promoting it, it’s a shirt with dogs on.

“Yeah they look different to what they actually should but you’re making it sound as if this has been purposely done, really don’t feel that’s the case at all.

“Everyone should just appreciate animals as they are, they are perfect.”

And Richard Thwaite commented: “They are cartoon animals.”

A dog in the process of getting its' ears clipped- Consumer News UK
A dog in the process of getting its’ ears clipped

When a reporter checked today, the item appeared to have been removed from Sainsbury’s website, however a preview was still available online.

Sainsbury’s today announced it will no longer use the design.

A Sainsbury’s spokeswoman said: “We’re sorry for any upset the design may have caused, as this was certainly not our intention.

“We regularly review our range and this design will not be not used in future.”

Speaking today, Cat said: “i am really pleased Sainsbury’s have made this decision. Ear cropping is illegal in this country because it is an unnecessary and cruel mutilation.

“It is vital that we call out these instances where images of cropped dogs are used. If we do not, people will start to think this is how these dogs ‘should’ look and this creeping acceptance of cropped ears will mean more dogs are likely to have to suffer the procedure.
“Once the reality of how cropped ears are achieved is explained, the general public are horrified and rightly outraged. This is why we must continue to educate and make it completely unacceptable in any form, be that in pictures or in real life.”

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