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Rachanaa Jain takes over the world


Rachanaa Jain is an award-winning entrepreneur, artist, and author. She wants to help other people to develop themselves by taking the maximum potential of their strengths. That’s what she did to become a successful person in society. That’s where all her efforts are devoted to. She loves to see people getting out of their comfort zones and working for their betterment in the future.

As of now, Rachanaa Jain has launched seven singles. They are available on leading music streaming platforms such as Apple Music Youtube Music Itunes and Spotify. On the other hand, she has written a book under the title “Awake Your Dreams, Stop Procrastinating! Start Achieving!” Any person who wants to achieve success in life will be able to go through this book. That’s because Rachanaa is sharing a six-step dream system, which any person can follow to get assistance in achieving success in relationships, good health, and a professional career. All content is based on the personal experiences of Rachanaa.

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She has also written another book titled “Sovereign: 8 steps to winning a pageant”. Any person who is taking part in a pageant will be able to go through information shared out of this book and increase the chances of winning it.

Rachanaa is a beauty queen and a successful coach. This helped her to get featured in numerous TV shows, magazines, and radio podcasts. All the experiences that Rachanaa has gained in her life provided the support needed to become one of the leading coaches.

As of now, Rachanaa Jain is the founder of two successful business WOW Group and Devine Messages Ltd. WOW Group is comprising of WOW Pageants, WOW Magazine, WOW Awards, WOW TV, and many other ventures.

Rachanaa has been conducting WOW Pageants as a successful event throughout the past few years. However, she experienced numerous challenges this year due to the COVID 19 pandemic. This is where she thought about taking the pageant virtually. It was held online via zoom for the year 2020.

The responses that Rachanaa Jain got from contestants for this year’s WOW Pageant was impressive. 40 contestants from all around the world took part in the two seasons of this pageant. They were from numerous countries out there in the world, such as India, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, France, and Belgium.

There are four different categories of WOW Pageants available for the contestants to take part in. They include Miss WOW, Teen WOW, Mr. WOW, and Mrs. WOW. The best thing about these pageants is that there are no restrictions on the height, weight, and age of the contestants. Hence, it is one of the most diverse pageants that you can find. These pageants are also open for contestants from all around the world.

Contestants who take part in these pageants were being assigned tasks to get themselves familiar to some useful lessons from Rachanaa Jain. They include learning how to pose in front of a camera, delivering a speech on a stage, presenting & walking on the stage, understanding how to pick the best outfits to complement the body type, and performing talent. All the winners from the pageant are invited to Cannes Film Festival 2021.

Along with the success of this year’s pageant, we are pretty sure that Rachanaa will consider holding many more virtual pageants in the future as well. On top of that, we will be able to see her coming up with numerous other business ventures to help people with achieving their goals. She is one of the most influential figures that we can see in society.


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