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5 Interesting Hobbies You Can Learn At Home


When boredom strikes at home, it usually means that you’re not up to something or looking forward to stimulating activities. When you feel like that, trying to learn new hobbies when you’re spending more time at home can make your days livelier and more exciting.

You can do many hobbies at home like learning new recipes, improving your physical wellness, sharpening your mind by reading books, etc. As long as it excites and benefits you, learning new hobbies can enhance your lifestyle. To give more ideas, here are five hobbies that might interest and benefit your overall well-being.

Photo by Alyson McPhee on Unsplash

Brown Butter For A Happier Snack Time

Even when you are at the office or the comfort of your home, snack time has always been part of anyone’s daily routine. One of the best ways to excite your snack moments is to learn how to make brown butter. In almost any kind of food, brown butter makes everything yummy.

It does not only improve the taste of your snacks, but it also gives you and your household members a happy snack time. To learn how to do it, below are some necessary steps to create the perfect brown butter.

Melting The Butter

Get your saucepan and start melting the butter at a medium heat level. If you’re not sure about the heat, you can opt to lower the fire to avoid overcooking. When the butter starts melting, stir it using a whisk or a spatula so that the milk solids do not stick to the saucepan.

Monitor The Cooking Carefully

After the butter starts to foam, observe it until its color gradually changes from yellow into a “tan-like” brown. You can identify when to stop the heating when the butter’s scent starts to produce a nutty smell.

Eat Later Or Eat It Fresh

You can eat your finished brown butter anytime as long as you put it in the fridge. If you cooked it at snack time, you can eat it right away and enjoy its fresh and warm taste.

You can use it as a sauce for bread, pasta, vegetables, and even meat. If there is any excess left, you can use it later for dinner time or breakfast the next day. You can also use it for baking other kinds of cakes and pastries to enhance the taste.

Exercising at Home

Staying at home can be an unconscious temptation not to do any physical activities. And being like this for a long time can be detrimental to your well-being. That’s why it’s worth considering to learn hobbies like physical exercises at your home’s comforts.

You can do three joint exercises for 15 to 30 minutes, stretching, burpees, and jump squats. Basic muscle stretching prepares your muscles for physical movement. Burpees are a mix of 1 push-up, then one jump with arms upward like “superman,” counted as 1 set. Jump squat is sitting in the air position with arms forward then jumping while swaying arms backward.

Recycling Unused Jeans

As years pass by, there will always be those jeans that become unused without you even noticing it. Rather than throwing away everything, turning your jeans into practical and usable things can be an exciting way to stimulate your creativity and acquire something new by not spending money.

Some examples of what you can create from your jeans are listed as follows:

  1. Transform Your Long Jeans Into New Shorts
  2. Create Reusable Bags
  3. Make Bracelets Out Of Shredded Jeans
  4. Turn Small Pieces Into Potholder
  5. Jean Pockets As Pen Organizer

Reading Interesting Books

Reading is a healthy way to exercise your brain. And reading something that interests you makes it even more exciting. According to Reader’s Digest, you need to read every day for a healthier mind. It becomes a healthy hobby, especially when you like what you are reading.

Fiction, non-fiction, and other genres that interest you are worth your energy and time. Besides the benefits of reading, learning deeper about topics you’re interested in, or stimulating your creative mind when reading fiction, enhances your emotional intelligence and good mood hormones, thereby creating a healthier mindset for a better outlook in life.


One of the most beneficial hobbies to learn when you are staying at home is to learn how to meditate. You can learn many types of meditation on the internet, but you don’t need to know everything. You have to choose which kind of meditation you need to practice, based on the results you want to achieve. To learn more, listed below are the common benefits of meditation.

  1. Improved Focus
  2. You Become More Compassionate
  3. You Can Recover From Depression
  4. Helps You Eliminate Anxiety
  5. Greatly Improves Your Sleep


The hobbies listed above are just a small part of all the other activities you can do while you are at home. Always keep in mind that as long as you are interested in doing a hobby and understanding its benefits, it would be worthwhile to include it as part of your daily routine.