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BilloCard: 8 online gift cards that suit everyone

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It’s easy to feel a bit down during autumn. Cheer someone up with a weekend on the sofa with films, TV-series, and video games! Gift cards from BilloCard charge you up during the weekend or holidays. 

1. iTunes

The iTunes Gift Card is perfect for Apple users on both iPhone and Mac. Give it to the Apple enthusiast in your life or save it for a rainy autumn day. You can use the gift card for anything in the App Store – movies, apps, books, and games. There’s an abundance of movies available for both rental and purchase.  

There are no hidden fees. For a card worth €10.00, the guys at BilloCard charge you 10 euro. It’s simple to use, and a gift that suits anyone using Apple products. 

2. Netflix

Do you know someone who doesn’t have a Netflix account? Perhaps someone you know shares an account, but is logged out when too many people stream at once? Either way, a Netflix Gift Card is great for anyone who loves films, series and documentaries. Here you have an almost unlimited supply of entertainment – the Netflix library will outlive us all. 

The library is constantly updated. New shows and films are added all the time. Netflix even makes its own content to make sure that there’s a continuous stream of new material to watch. Let BilloCard charge yours or someone else´s batteries this weekend.

3. Google Play

Here’s the perfect gift for Android users out there. No, scratch that, it’s great for anyone, really. You don’t need an Android phone to appreciate the Google Play Gift Card. Anyone can use it for books, movies and everything else available in the Google Play store.

Just like the App Store, you can get almost any film here. Netflix’ library is immense, but it doesn’t always have the newest films. It usually takes a long time before movies that were just released are made available for streaming. This is where rental comes in.

It’s often quite cheap, and it’s very simple. You can even rent a movie and watch it on YouTube, if you’d like to. And there’s also tons of other stuff you could get – apps, books, games, music, and so on. Let this gift from BilloCard charge you up this weekend!  

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4. Amazon

Give the Amazon Gift Card to someone who likes shopping online. Or save it for yourself! They never expire, so you could hang onto it while waiting for a good deal. The people at BilloCard charge €44.00 for a card worth 50 USD. 

5. Xbox Live

The Xbox Live Gift Card is great for gamers on either Xbox or Windows. Recipients can use it to buy whatever game they want. There is plenty to choose from in the Xbox and Microsoft online stores. For instance, you can pre-order Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, where you take on the role of a viking in medieval Norway. 

6. PlayStation Network PSN

Let BilloCard charge you or someone you love up for a new week with a PlayStation Network PSN Gift Card. Lose yourself in mesmerizing worlds and immersive stories. For example, pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt RED, the developer behind the amazing The Witcher-series. It’s dropping November 19, and it looks like it’s going to be another brilliant journey.

7. Steam

The Steam Wallet Gift Card will suit the PC gamer who’s looking for games in general, and especially games that are extremely cheap. Steam regularly has sales for a specific genre, a specific studio or series, or just sales in general. Moreover, Steam is a great place for trying out Early Access titles. 


With Early Access, you get to try out a game before development is done. You get a cheaper price, but perhaps a more incomplete experience. You may encounter bugs, poorly designed features or missing content. What’s great about Early Access, is that you can help developers by voicing your opinion, pointing out flaws or suggesting new features.    

8. Nintendo eShop

A great gift for anyone on the Nintendo Switch or other Nintendo consoles. With a Nintendo eShop Gift Card, you could buy new games, pre-order coming games or buy old Nintendo classics. 

The veteran game studio knows exactly what their fans like about their games, and everyone working at the studio – from writers to designers – seem to be absolute perfectionists. Whenever a Mario or Zelda game drops, it pushes the boundaries of what the video game medium is capable of. 

Are gifts cards safe?

Yes. In fact, they might be safer than credit cards. When using them, you avoid leaving your card numbers and account numbers in many different online stores. This secures your safety if someone breaks into the store’s servers.

Thieves and hackers won’t be able to get your personal information – like card details. This also means that if someone were to hack your account, they wouldn’t be able to drain you for more than the amount on the card. You won’t be the victim of credit card fraud if you´re using a gift card. 

Of course, remember that you have the right to receive compensation for fraudulent charges to your bank account.

If you notice anything wrong with your credit card statement, you should immediately report unauthorized charges to your credit card issuer. This could mean that someone has stolen your credit card information. Get in touch with your bank’s customer service.

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