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Incredible Tips for Starting Your Own Restaurant


Starting your own restaurant is a great entrepreneurial idea. You might not have the clout of Gordon Ramsay yet, but everyone has to start somewhere. Whether you’re interested in opening in a big city or your quaint hometown, there are some essentials you’ll need for success.

First of all, having the support of your family and friends is an important consideration to make before starting on this journey. Opening a restaurant is time and resource consuming. There may even be times you’ll want to give up due to stress. To help you see your dreams come to fruition, have people who will push you and keep you on the right path. Once you’ve got people to count on, you can use these incredible tips to help you get started.

Get everything you need in one place.

In order to run your own restaurant, you’ll need a whole lot of high quality restaurant equipment. In order to open, you’ll pretty much need everything right off the bat in order to make the food you want and be able to serve your customers fully and safely. It’s easier to keep track of what you need and what you’ve already purchased if you’re buying from one place. Why have one restaurant supply store for essential pizza equipment and another restaurant supply store for your commercial rice cooker when you don’t have to?

GoFoodservice has all the restaurant equipment and supplies you could possibly need for a successful start. From furniture to smallwares and filtration to janitorial supplies, you’ll have options to curate your ideal dining experience. Interested in catering or delivery? Make sure you check out GoFoodService’s storage and transport offerings. Thinking of opening a pizzeria in Louisville?

Check out great prices on essential pizza equipment and speak with their experienced team of customer support representatives to make sure that you’re getting the best products possible. After browsing around their website, your commercial kitchen will be prepared with the highest quality equipment and all that’ll be left to buy will be the food you’re planning to serve on opening day.

Top Tips to start up your own restaurant
Top Tips to start up your own restaurant. Photo by Shawn Ang on Unsplash

Embrace your creativity.

Having a stellar concept will do wonders for your business. Take the time to brainstorm about what will make your dining experience unique and exceptional and set you apart from other competitors, especially in the immediate area. Cooking good food isn’t enough these days. In order to be truly competitive, there needs to be something eye-catching about your business.

Having a great concept will get people in the door before the word of mouth spreads. Many restaurants never reach maturity, because they can’t attract clientele early on. Get creative and commit to your concept. You can always tweak it as you go along, but make sure your food and the physical environment you create in your dining room says something.

Market to your target audience.

You might be so focused on making a great impression once customers enter your restaurant that you forget to advertise, but no one can appreciate your hard work if they don’t know about your business. Hire someone else to handle marketing. If you’re a small operation, see if a local marketing student in college would take you on for the practice. Take to social media in order to attract a younger crowd. Do some research on your own. You might be surprised to learn how much of an impact paying for a boosted post on Facebook can make on opening night.

Take the time to hire people you trust.

There’s a lot happening in a restaurant, so it’s difficult to keep tabs on everyone who’s working at all times. To avoid unwanted problems, heavily vet your staff before hiring. You might just be thinking about the number of employees you need to man your ship, so to speak, but the quality of those employees can make a big difference in the success and longevity of your business.

Hold interviews and actually call applicants’ references. You want a positive working environment for everyone, so take the time to handpick your team. If you have a knowledgeable staff, you’ll also be able to achieve a higher level of customer care and hospitality, which will also help to retain any customers who walk through your door. Remember you want a passionate staff who care about your restaurant as much as you do.