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Moffat Mountain Rescue

A SCOTTISH rescue team has revealed how they were called out to three emergencies in one day.

Moffat Mountain Rescue Team were out for more than six hours in the Scottish Borders yesterday [Sun] and ended up rescuing three people.

The “rare” occurrence meant their team travelled around 38 miles in total

The first incident saw the rescuers attend an injured walker at Crawick Multiverse near Sanquhar in Dumfries and Galloway.

The hiker was receiving medical treatment from the Scottish Ambulance service when Moffat Mountain Rescue were called to a suspected broken leg in Scotland’s highest village Wanlockhead, in Biggar.

They spent three hours stabilising the man’s leg before he was taken off via ambulance.

Moffat Mountain Rescue Team
Moffat Mountain Rescue Team (Image: Moffat MRT)

Their final call required the team to travel an hour to the Forest of Ae to help a man who had come off his mountain bike.

Moffat Mountain Rescue Team shared images of each rescue to Facebook last night  captioned with: “They Come in threes. But, not normally all in one day.

“Moffat Mountain Rescue Team was requested by Scottish Ambulance Service via Police Scotland to assist with three separate incidents in Dumfries and Galloway.

“The first was to the Crawick Multiverse near Sanquar to assist with the extraction of a man with an injured leg.

“The second incident followed soon after to rescue a lady who had fallen in hills near Wanlockhead and suffered a suspected broken leg.

Moffat MRT with ambulance
The team were assisted by the Scottish Ambulance Service. (Image: Moffat MRT)

“The team deployed 10 team members and a stretcher with a specialist off road wheel to the scene.

“As the team was cleaning all the equipment to eliminate any Covid risk, the third call came in for a male who had fallen from his mountain bike in Ae forest and suffered a pelvic injury.”

Their efforts were praised by social media users.

Andy Garcia said: “Three rescues in one day just shows why government funding is needed for MRT across the whole country.

“Big well done again guys.”

Clare Rogerson added: “Wow what a day. Well done team. Hopefully you get a quiet one tomorrow.”

And Diana Turner said: “Well done guys. Great result.”

James says this many call outs ins “unusual” for the Borders. (Image: Moffat MRT)

Speaking today, James Cole, Deputy Team Leader, said: “It’s rare to receive three calls in one day for us.

“In the hotpots areas it can be a bit common. Yesterday, I was with the mountain rescue team all day. We usually don’t have this many rescues to carry out in one day. It’s more common in the Highlands.

“We received the first call before lunchtime and I didn’t get home until seven.

“Fortunately, for us our equipment wasn’t used in the first incident. All the kit was the Scottish Ambulance Service.

The 51-year-old explained: “It takes about 30-45 minutes  cleaning the equipment before we can re-use it again.

“Just as we finished santising the equipment for the second job the next call came in so it took us a bit of time to get to the next location as we were at Scotland’s highest  village.

“It was quite a considerable traveling time including having to mobilise for the job and prepare such as getting all the information we need.”