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New data reveals which British castles win the title for the oldest, tallest, most Instagrammable, most seen, on-screen and best-rated.

Holiday provider Cottages and Castles collated data on 1918 castles across England, Scotland and Wales to highlight the castles that stand out amongst the rest, and also to find the region with the most castles making it the ‘King of the Castles.’ But who will get the crown?

This is what they found…

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Castle Stuart in the Highlands of Scotland is the best-rated castle with 97.84% of its overall visitor reviews being great.

The UK’s most Instagrammable castle: The Tower of London topped trumps with a remarkable 586K hashtags making it the most Instagrammable castle in the UK. Coming in second place is Edinburgh Castle with 547K hashtags, followed by Windsor Castle with 352K hashtags.

The UK’s most seen, on-screen castle: The Tower of London takes first place for the castle which is most seen, on-screen, featuring in 53 titles to date. These include Trainspotting (1996) and Elizabeth (2000). Windsor Castle takes second place with 50 titles and Edinburgh Castle comes third with 45 titles.

The UK’s best-rated castle: Castle Stuart in the Highlands of Scotland is the best-rated castle with 97.84% of its overall visitor reviews being great. In second place, by a fraction, comes Dunnottar Castle in Aberdeenshire (97.81%) and in third place sits Rowton Castle in Shropshire (96.97%).

History News UK - Deadline News
Edinburgh Castle came in second for most Instagrammable castle.

The UK’s tallest castle: Scotlands famous Edinburgh Castle takes the title for the tallest castle in the UK standing a whopping 250ft above ground. The second tallest is Warwick Castle at 148ft and the third tallest is Rochester Castle at 125ft.

The UK’s oldest castle: Portchester Castle in Hampshire is the oldest castle in the UK, dating right back to 285CE. This is followed closely by Pevensey Castle in East Sussex (280 CE) and Cardiff Castle in Cardiff (290 CE).

The UK’s King of the Castles: Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland is revealed as the King of the Castles, boasting 94 castle sites across the region! Northumberland comes in second with 81 castles and Aberdeenshire takes third place with 78 castles.

To see the full breakdown of the UK’s top 5 castles for each category, visit the Cottages and Castles blog where you will find all the information and data.

*Data collected during September 2020.