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Dad installs “cow windows” so animal mad son can continue to watch them – Nature News UK

A DOTING dad who had to erect a new, higher fence due to new council rules has revealed how he installed “cow windows” to allow his son to carry on watching the animals.

Devoted dad John Davies told how the new regulations meant he had to replace his previous low fence with a new 6ft installation, obscuring the view.

However, his cow-mad son Noa Evan, 5, soon complained that the new boundary meant he could no longer see his beloved friends.

The thoughtful dad decided to fix the problem by fitting on three Perspex viewing holes to enable animal lover Noa to carry on interacting with the cattle.

Father gets windows added to fence so son can see cows
The cows were caught peering through the custom made windows. (Image: John Davies)

Adorable photos show the Perspex “cow windows” erected by John along with his partner Sophie Broom at their home in Aberystwyth.

Cows and bulls can be seen peaking through each of the three port holes, one of which has a light above to enable night time viewing.

In one close up shot, a disgruntled bull can be seen staring through, fogging up the Perspex with condensation.

Speaking today, the painter and decorator explained: “We did it a couple of weeks ago. It was put up as we had to replace the low fence.

Father gets windows added to fence so son can see cows
Noa has always taken an interest in the cows and was heartbroken at no longer being able to see them. (Image: John Davies)

“As soon as we put it up  my boy  said ‘I miss seeing the cows.’

“So we had my carpenter friend put in the windows and the cows moved out of the field and bulls moved into the field so they are there day and night so the first thing in the morning we can see them.

“They were being nosy looking into the garden. We had a picket line of cows moving in to see through the windows.

“We had to put up the windows as there were new regulations so we could no longer have a low fence.

Father gets windows added to fence so son can see cows
The windows were the brainchild of dad John and his partner Sophie. (Image: John Davies)

“Noa has always been fascinated with the cows and has been watching them at the fence everyday when they were there.”

Photos of John’s creation were soon posted online, where social media users praised his creativity.

Helen Barley commented: “Fantastic, love it.”

Patricia Connolly added: “What a fabulous idea.”

And San Brett said: “Love this.”

John added that the windows have been a hit with the cows too.

He said: “Last night I was cleaning up and watching a film and the flood lights went on and I never heard a mooing so loud before.

“It gave me a fright. A bull was licking the Perspex window. It was quite strange.”

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