Escaped piglets recreate “Pig Island” loved by celebs on Scottish beach – Scottish News


ADORABLE pictures and video show escaped piglets frolicking on a beach after they made a break for freedom.

The five piglets were spotted trotting along the shores of Clachtoll Beach in Assynt Sutherland after slipping out from their nearby croft.

The heartwarming scene has prompted comparisons to Pig Island in the Bahamas, where the animals are regularly spotted swimming in the sea.

Local Maggie Harrison, 54, captured the moment a couple of weeks ago, but took to social media yesterday to share the footage.

The cute clip shows the piglets bounding across the sandy expanse of the beach.

They can be heard grunting as their curly tails and floppy ears bounce in the wind.

She also shared photos showing the piglets rooting around seaweed that has washed up on the shore.

Pigs on beach
The piglets were snapped having a whale of a time (Image: Maggie Harrison)

Another shows the piglets with their snouts covered in sand.

Maggie shared the clip to Facebook group Scotland from the Roadside, much to the delight of her fellow group members.

Hayley Islam wrote: “I need to go here.”

Kirsty Lloyd added: “Who needs to go to the Bahamas to swim with pigs ay? Get your cozzie on!”

And Lia Robinson said: “Adorable.”

Pig with seaweed
They were intrigued by the seaweed. (Image supplied)

Speaking today, stay at home mum Maggie said: “The piglets belong to the Croft just above the beach called Split Rock.

“I am up there a lot and when I saw the piglets I went and got their human mom as the tide was coming in rapidly cutting off their access back the way they’d come down.

“She  came down with her husband to round them up and told me later they’d had to enlist the help of the dog to round them up.

“They are free range so they are often around.”