Catfish superimposes face onto model’s body on dating site – Viral News UK

Hinge catfish
The account belonged to a catfish named “Ellie”. (Image: Amber Phillips)

A MODEL has been left “creeped out” after a catfish used her photos to superimpose their face onto her body.

Amber Phillips, from London, revealed she had been targeted in the bizarre scam by someone using the images on dating site Hinge.

Influencer Amber, who has 130,000 followers on Twitter, posted online on Thursday explaining how she had been alerted to the catfish by a fan who spotted the uncanny resemblance.

The man who got in touch sent her a message which reads: “Sorry this is so random, but so creepy. I spoke to a girl on Hinge for a while and I’ve always been very good at spotting catfish.

Amber Phillips Model
A fan spotted the uncanny resemblance. Image: Amber Phillips)

“But f*** hell someone has seriously photoshopped your photos and it creeped me the f* out.

“I followed you already and somehow noticed that your picture matches her.”

The image shows a blonde woman named “Ellie” posing in a grey underwear set.

However, an image from Amber’s account reveals the brunette beauty in the exact same pose and outfit, with the catfish having superimposed their own face on top of Amber’s.

Amber’s tweet, which was captioned:” How creepy, what the f***”, has since gone viral and horrified social media users.

@whosHammsisthis said: “Swiping the next pic over straight up made me jump. That’s some body snatcher face stealing s***.”

Amber Phillips
The influence says its not the first time people have used her likeness. Image: Amber Phillips)

@norules21 added: “Think this might be a severely sad person doing this who obviously hates their body enough to put so much effort into all this just seems sad rather than creepy.”

@bubblegu98 wrote: “Creepy, but makes you think about her photoshop skills.”

And @MsRobinHosking tweeted: “Good grief this is wrong.”

Speaking on Friday  Amber said: “I don’t know why someone would think that it was okay to pretend to be someone else and try to trick others.

“I’m aware that social media has negative effects on people’s self-confidence but to make yourself look entirely different by using someone else’s body is quite extreme!

“People have created false accounts pretending to be me, but this is next level!

Twitter post
She shared the “creepy” story online.

“I think the platform has a responsibility to act quickly and remove the account. Social media channels should raise awareness about this happening and remind people to be careful.

“Especially if there is a spike in reported accounts for faking someone’s identity.

A spokeswoman for Hinge said: “The safety of all Hinge users is a top priority. We take all situations of fraud and abuse very seriously.

“To date, we have doubled our data labeling operations in order to train new targeted algorithms to increase our detection capabilities and have hired additional content moderators to identify and report fraud and abuse at a faster pace.

“Any user who encounters fraud or abuse is encouraged to report it through our in-app reporting options that allow us to take immediate action in removing anyone accused of this behavior.”