Dramatic moment rocket backfires into yobs’ car – Viral News Scotland


SHOCKING video has emerged showing yobs in a car messing around with a rocket which backfires into their vehicle.

The short clip, thought to have been taken in Paisley, East Renfrewshire over the weekend, shows the men screaming for help after the stunt goes awry.

The footage appeared on social media last night with social media users branding the foolish mishap “karma” .

The video begins with one of the men sitting in the driver’s seat and trying to ignite the fuse.

The firework then lights up and begins to sizzle and the men throw it out in panic.

They watch from outside the car as the rocket whips around and aims straight for them.

Lighting the fuse- Viral News Scotland
The pair begin to light the fuse

They dive out of the way and one of the men can be heard screaming, another shouts: “That’s yours. No f* off. That’s no f****.


He then screams as the rocket launches towards him

He can be heard yelling several times “f*** off” before the camera pans around to reveal the firework crackling and filling the car with smoke.

The rocket then begins to crackle and fizz as the man inside the car can be heard screaming: “f****** hell”, before the clip abruptly ends.

Car with the rocket in it- Viral News Scotland
The rocket backfires into the car

The terrifying clip was uploaded to Twitter by social media user Ross McKay.


The video has stunned social media users.

@yo_voy_bien said: “This is so funny and so dangerous. People be careful out there please.”

@AndyBTolley wrote: “And that’s why you don’t f*** about with fireworks.”


@ashleyperrin19 said: “Bet the c*** felt like he’d been flash banged in cod [Call of Duty] like.”

However, others found the scene amusing.

@Scott_Rice15 wrote under the post: “The bloke still stuck in the car. I’m f****** in tears.”

And @colin_mcmullan commented: “Karma.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “There are no reports at this time I can see for incidents relating to fireworks.”

Last week, it was reported that a gang of youths caused chaos in Sheffield after they launched fireworks at passing cars.

The incident led to the Chief Superintendent of Sheffield police issuing a warning about the dangers of fireworks, after dealing with 80 firework related incidents in one week.