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What is an Instant pot and how does it work?


The instant pot, widely known as the “instapot” is an electric kitchen appliance that can be essential in helping with cooking or baking in less time and at ease. If you are looking for Instant Pot recipes, check out the Instant Pot expert Corrie cooks.

How does it work? The technicalities of how an instapot works make it relatively easy for someone who is preparing food, but the appliance is actually working diligently on providing you with that luxury. 

Usual cooking on a stove-top can take up more time and use more energy than an instapot. For example, a stove-top generally raises the temperature of boiling water to around 212 degrees Fahrenheit no matter how high the stove burner can turn.

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Depending on how long it takes to cook, the liquid will eventually evaporate and leave the food burnt and dry. The temperature of an instapot can reach up to 242 degrees Fahrenheit in about 10-15 minutes, give or take. This means, the quicker it reaches the desired temperature, the better quality of food that will be produced. 

An instapot offers 10-in-1 multiuse compatibility, such as slow cooking and pressure cooking, which is probably the most desirable ability for those who regularly cook. It can also make rice, cakes, yogurt, assist with steaming, sautéing, browning foods, and other different ways of preparing intricate meals. There is a hefty amount of built-in programs for making soup and broths, meat stews, chili, hard-boiled eggs, and the “keep warm” option that will guarantee to keep your food at a safe and warm temperature until dinner time arrives. So being called late for dinner will not spoil your appetite. 

Energy efficiency is definitely a pro, cutting energy use up to 75% and requires less than half the amount of water used for traditional cooking. If getting into the latest technology out there is your thing, there is also an instapot with Wi-Fi compatibility that allows you to control your instapot with your smartphone.

After a big meal, the last thing someone would want to do is take the time to clean up the instapot. Luckily, the pot insert is dishwasher safe. The air-tight lock lid reduces the change of messy spills. Many instapot owners have figured out some great cleaning hacks to get the stainless-steel shining like brand new.

Healthy eating can be done well, given that no matter what you make the instapot will store all the nutrients unlike other ways of cooking.

Despite the notion that this appliance can finish cooking instantly, some start-up quirks are important to consider while estimating the time of when it is done. Sometimes for the instapot to reach the right temperature and pressure, it can take a good amount of time to set itself up. Once finished, it also takes time to release pressure before you can open the lid. So even though it takes less time and effort to cook with an instapot, it can add a little more downtime but not anywhere close to time spent cooking on a stove.

Cross-contamination of flavors is a possible risk even after cleaning an instapot lid, but there are ways to work around that and prevent the savory from tasting slightly salty. There are options to buy extra accessories to use for specific meal prepping only, leaving the choice up to the cook. A “hands-off” feature really lets the kitchen do what it does best while you must run off on an errand or watch TV without having to tend to the cooking. It is said that having an instapot is like having an extra set of hands with you in the kitchen.

I have been guilty a time or two for forgetting to take frozen meat from the freezer to thaw. The great thing about this appliance is that it takes away that worry because it can work with frozen items just as well. No longer will my forgetfulness prevent me from making dinner plans fall through for my family.

It is evident that you can create some fantastic new recipes with this product, but some people find that they tend to get into the same recipes repeatedly. There is nothing wrong with having beef stew every Tuesday for dinner or buffalo chicken for every football game. It is easy to get discouraged looking at all the options provided, and maybe a little bit scary to new owners of an instapot. There is a lot of trial and error to sift through at first. Rising above the steep learning curve could be satisfying for a person looking to hone their cooking craft.

After making some homemade potato soup, feel free to try using an instapot to make lip balm or even lotion. A simple search for unexpected things you can make with an instapot is readily available and gives you the freedom to customize your own ideas. Make some popcorn for a scary movie night or jam for a sandwich lunch.

Take some time for self-care and bake a single-serve dessert just for you. Treat your pet to some gourmet pet food, and much more. Instead of a night out, bring the fun back home and make some wine with a few extra ingredients and a little more patience for the perfect sip of wine. A cold rainy day will bring a spark of joy when served some warm vegetable soup. It will melt chocolate to cover strawberries with the perfect amount of smoothness compared to a candy shop.

Have your home smell like fall with insta-potpourri or winter scents while wrapping gifts tediously on Christmas Eve. It will make your mouth water and help relax the mood in your home. Get the children interested and involved without worrying about burned fingers or crashing pots and pans. It is one way of getting excited about dinner in the evening after a long day, instead of dreading the thought of only lifting a spoon to stir. 

Learn what the instapot has to offer at your own pace, and I do not think you will be sorry. It is not for everyone, but some do not prefer liver with their onions either!