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Bored in isolation? Five ideas to get you through the boredom


Self-isolating can be very boring and monotonous, and you need to do something to pass the time.

If you are bored of watching endless TV shows or are stuck for ideas  and are in dire need of something to do, here is our top five ideas as of what you could do.

Photo by Michal Parzuchowski on Unsplash
  1. Online casino games

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  1. Start learning new recipes to cook

Cooking is an excellent way to pass the time when you are locked down and isolating, there are many master classes online and free YouTube videos for you to start watching and learning.

Many people during lockdown started baking and learning new cooking techniques so if you are isolating this would be the perfect opportunity to learn something new to entertain yourself.

  1. Read a new series of books

Lockdown saw many people return to their books and switch off their phones for entertainment, so if you are stuck in isolation it may be an idea to pick up the book you have been putting off starting and diving into it.

  1. Learn to play an instrument

Many people have an instrument lying around the house somewhere so why not dust it off and learn to play it?

Many sites now offer free music tutoring and there are many tutorials on YouTube for you to immerse yourself in.

Learning an instrument is the perfect way to utilise the time you will be spending indoor instead of wasting it.

  1. Decorate

Isolation is the perfect opportunity for you to complete the DIY tasks you have been putting off for years, why not start redecorating the house so when you come out of isolation it looks brand new?

Decorating is the perfect way to fill up your day with a large task that will prove beneficial in the long run for you once it is completed.


In conclusion isolation can be tough but you can use it as an opportunity to learn new things and utilise your time really effectively to improve your life.

There are no distractions in isolation so why not use the peace and quiet to learn something new?