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CBD and Pain Relief: What Are the Most Important Things You Need to Know?


Many scientific studies have already proven the benefits of CBD oil on human health. Considering those wonderful results, many countries have now updated rules for the medicinal and recreational use of CBD oil. You can even find many online stores that are selling high-quality CBD products to ease the purchase experience for the buyers.

A wide range of people are using CBD oil for pain management; however, few of them have also reported some side effects. Many others might be also worried about getting high with the consumption of CBD oil. Here we are going to talk about how CBD oil works and how well you can use it to relieve chronic pain.

What is CBD oil?

There are different types of cannabis plants: marijuana and hemp. They are known for unique chemical compositions. Moreover, how people breed them also affects the available CBD levels inside. Most of the time, CBD oil extraction is done over industrial hemp that contains higher CBD content as compared to marijuana.

The manufacturers of CBD oil keep on using a variety of methods to extract this compound. It is further added to a carrier oil that is available with a variable range of strengths. However, it is still better to discuss your condition and required dosages with the medical health professional first.

CBD oil
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Does CBD get high?

CBD is actually a very different compound as compared to THC. It is not psychoactive in nature and cannot change the state of mind of the consumer. Instead, this medicinal compound influence the human body to use its own endocannabinoids for leading the treatment.

The cannabinoid is also capable enough to limit inflammation in the nervous system and brain that can further lead to enhanced relief for people experiencing insomnia, pain, and other immune system-related problems.

CBD and pain management:

Studies reveal that CBD has been used from ancient times to treat a variety of pain conditions. However, the medical community in the modern world started studying it just recently.

There are so many pain conditions that can be treated with the help of CBD oil; a few of them are listed below:

Arthritis Pain

A recent study published in the European Journal of Pain reveals that CBD can help people to avoid the discomfort associated with a variety of health conditions. The results were observed on animals and it was seen that the application of topical gel at the pain area for rats suffering from arthritis helped to ensure relief for 4 days.

The researchers also observed great relief in the inflammation without any additional side effects. People that are using CBD oil for arthritis may also experience great relief in very little time.

Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is another common autoimmune disease that causes discomfort in the brain and nerves. Muscle spasms are the most commonly observed symptom of this disease. They can further cause constant pain and discomfort to the patient.

One study reveals that short-term use of CBD oil can reduce the pain by a considerable level while reversing the symptoms of the disease.

In a similar manner, CBD oil can be used to deal with chronic pain and it offers fast relief with reduced inflammation. Few other applications of CBD oil include Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety treatment, seizures and epilepsy treatment, smoking, and drug withdrawal. Other than this, CBD oil can be used for treating the symptoms of type 1 diabetes, cancer, and acne.

The dosage for CBD oil must be followed as suggested by the physician. Generally, people do not experience any major side effects of this treatment; few minor issues may include diarrhea, tiredness, changes in appetite, and weight loss. After getting the doctor’s advice regarding dosage, you can place an order for CBD oil from FranklyCBD. These experts can help you gain access to top-quality compounds to ensure fast relief.