Dogs feel stress of pandemic too, says animal mental health expert – Health News UK

Dogs are often acutely aware of their owner’s mood. (Image supplied)

DOGS could be struggling with the mental impact of coronavirus just as much as their owners, according to an animal mental health expert.

Dr Robert Falconer-Taylor is warning that our four legged friends could by suffering anxiety passed on by their humans who are increasingly stressed out due to the pandemic.

To combat this, Dr Falconer-Taylor says we should be creating ‘Comfort Caves’ so that worried pets can feel safe and secure in their homes.

Dr. Falconer-Taylor says: “A refuge can give your pet a sense of control over the source of their stress and enables them to feel safe.

“Pets without somewhere to retreat to can struggle, so building a den – or preferably, several dens – in the rooms where your pet likes to relax will help to support them.”

Cosy cave for dog
Cosy caves could be the answer the helping relax worried pets. (Image supplied)

He says this is especially relevant in the lead up to Bonfire Night, which is often a time of heightened anxiety for pets.

Dr. Falconer-Taylor added: “Having a den in the home will enhance coping, not only reducing stress, but over time increasing confidence outside of the den, as well as in”.

As a result, the expert has teamed up with flea subscription service Itch to provide guidance on how to create the perfect chilled out zone.

Advice includes being mindful of its location, including toys and treats and donating your duvet so that scared pets can have somewhere to burrow.

Itch is also offering a range of calming treats containing camomile and probiotics that can “support your pet with their anxiety and mental health”.