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How Verkada Has Revolutionized Enterprise Security

As a business owner, the safety and security of your company and employees has to be your top priority. Physical security often falls short, and in our technologically advanced world, having secure systems for surveillance is crucial. If you’re experiencing fast company growth, you need a security system that can match your pace.

Law enforcement often can’t be on the scene until after a security breach has already happened. This is why having an advanced security system with automation integrations, such as the ones offered by Verkada Inc., is essential. They not only deter crime with the appearance of the physical hardware, but their analytics and advanced features can also predict and prevent incidents from taking place. The following are all unique features that Verkada Inc. offers in their security systems that make them leaders of their industry.

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Durable Hardware

Verkada cameras are known for their reliability and advanced features. Verkada’s Dome Series cameras are durable and built to endure various environments — both indoors and outdoors. Their dome cameras are both easy to install and are designed to be tamper-proof. They also guarantee a 10-year warranty for their video cameras, as well as regular updates for the security software they provide.

Verkada’s security cameras are innovating surveillance and safety for enterprises of all sizes. Even from the startup phase, Verkada’s physical security systems can help your business prepare for any possible threats. Their cameras have unmatched image resolution, and the camera’s field of vision can capture an entire room indoors. When outdoors, the camera can identify and track vehicles.

Cloud-Based Access Control

Verkada’s security management software uses artificial intelligence to streamline your company’s security. They integrate automation and artificial intelligence to create their cloud-based access control solutions. With Verkada, you can seamlessly manage all of your camera feeds live and in one place. The company also provides unlimited cloud archiving for all of your video data, and makes sharing your video data and feed when suspicious activity occurs easy.

Verkada also offers a mobile app that turns your employees’ smartphones into their keycard. This digital access control is easily managed from the same portal that the rest of your security system is managed from. Your security team can effortlessly assign and remove permissions for access as well as receive real-time alerts within Verkada’s digital security platform. Alerts can range from unauthorized entry to suspicious movement outside of the building. The incredible image resolution quality of Verkada’s cameras makes it easy to track human and vehicle movement and disperse alerts through their cloud-based software immediately. The person or vehicle analytics are shared and stored using Verkada’s artificial intelligence, meaning the analytics makes it to the right person at exactly the right time — whether that is your physical security team or law enforcement.

Simplified Security Solutions

Verkada provides a single sign-on platform for your security team to easily manage all of your physical security devices as well as internal security and permissions for your employees. Verkada is dedicated to simplifying security for enterprises, which is why no other security company provides the insights from video feed analytics that Verkada does. All of your video data is easily accessible and highly organized. Verkada offers time and date-based searching for archived footage, meaning that your security team doesn’t have to waste time searching for feed data from a specific incident.




Verkada is a leader in the enterprise security industry, and is one of the most popular choices for physical security systems in Silicon Valley. One tech company in particular that has partnered with Verkada for their enterprise security is Citrix, are a world renowned software company that has entrusted their safety and security to Verkada’s highly-regarded cloud-based security solutions. The hardware and software that Verkada produces is changing the security industry for the better, and it has already been making a difference for several major enterprises.

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