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NewsNew homeowner discovers "nightmarish" metre wide wasps' nest lurking in attic -...

New homeowner discovers “nightmarish” metre wide wasps’ nest lurking in attic – DIY News UK

SKIN-CRAWLING photos show how an “enormous” metre wide wasps’ nest was discovered in the roof of a family’s new home weeks after they moved in.

Rebecca Walton revealed how she found the gargantuan structure at her home in Bristol on Friday.

The 44-year-old moved in a month ago, but only discovered the huge nest when her surveyor popped into the roof space to inspect it for a potential extension.

The “nightmarish” images show the massive hive dangling from the rafters of the roof.

Large wasp nest in attic
Rebecca Walton discovered a massive wasp nest in her new house that has been empty for a year(C) Rebecca Walton

The bulging structure is covered in cobwebs and dusts and was thankfully uninhabited at the time Rebecca took the shot.

Another picture shows the nest from the side, suspended above the roof’s insulation.

A gobsmacked Becca took to a DIY group on Facebook to share the “terrifying” find.

She posted a snap of the hive and said: “When you go into your loft space with a surveyor and find this. It’s mahoosive, at least a metre wide!

“We moved into the house four weeks ago and the house was empty for over a year before we bought it.

Large wasp nest in attic
She was “gobsmacked” by her find that she took to a Facebook group

“We are hoping to extend which is why it has now been found.”

The impressive images have unsettled fellow group members, who joked Rebecca should put her pad straight back on the market.

One woman wrote: “Stuff of nightmares!”

Another added: “I feel sick, wow.”

And one member said: “I’d be moving out.”

Large wasp nest in attic
Rebecca estimates the wasp nest is about a metre wide (C) Rebecca Walton

Speaking today, Rebecca explained: “The neat is still in situ. I will be taking additional photos when it is removed. It is huge!

“I couldn’t believe the size of it! It’s approximately a metre across.

“I have removed three smaller fist sized ones but never seen one this big.

“Before we moved in the house was empty so the wasps wouldn’t have been noticed or disturbed.

“I hope to remove it carefully as I would love to preserve it whole.

“They are so delicate though so I don’t know how we’ll get it out.”

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