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HERMES has apologised to a customer whose order was “stolen by foxes” after it was left in an “insecure place” by a courier.

Lyndsey Evans, from Sale, Greater Manchester shared hilarious photos showing the state of her £15 leggings after they were discovered on a neighbour’s lawn.

The 42-year-old says the street has been hit with a “spate of fox related happenings” and blamed the critters for leaving a gaping hole at the crotch of her new trousers.

A social media post by Lyndsey
PR freelancer Lyndsey took to social media to ask ASOS for help.

The order, which also contained makeup, was left by delivery service Hermes in a “outside in a cardboard box in the rain” on Friday October 30th.

The images show the ASOS Only zebra print leggings lying strewn across Lyndsey’s neighbour’s garden.

The animals appear to have gnawed right through the garment, leaving a gaping hole right at the crotch.

PR freelancer Lyndsey took to social media to ask ASOS for help shortly after the discovery.

A pair of trousers lying on some grass - Consumer News UK
Lyndsey looked out her window and saw her trouser lying in her neighbours garden.

She posted snaps of the damaged item and said: “ASOS, your delivery guys left my parcel in an insecure place and foxes found it first.

“Make-up missing and interestingly the leggings were found as per picture in neighbour’s garden – I’ve had to reassure them I hadn’t bought crotchless pants. Advice on next steps?”

Speaking today, Lyndsey explained: “I had a parcel delivered Friday afternoon when I was out and it was left outside. I got back in the dark and didn’t see it.

“Cut to Saturday morning and I remembered about it, checked my emails and there was one from Hermes saying it had been delivered.

A pair of ASOS trousers with a hole in them - Consumer News UK
A large hole was left in the leggings.

“I got up and went outside to find it and found some bits of makeup on the lawn and driveway but the leggings and a Nars blusher I ordered had vanished. Given the state the box was in I guessed it was the foxes.

“There’s been a spate of fox-related happenings on our street from eggs being stolen and shells found in other people’s gardens.

“I put a message on the neighbours’ group and the leggings were located on my neighbour’s front lawn.

“I didn’t know they looked like that until I picked them up.

“Helen my neighbour, her daughter and I were in fits of giggles and it caused much hilarity on the street Whatsapp group.”

A spokeswoman for Hermes said: “During this pandemic our couriers are providing ‘contactless’ delivery and this includes delivering to a safe place wherever possible to support social distancing.

“Normally placing a parcel outside the front door would be a good option – but that was without factoring in Mr Fox who seems to have fantastic taste.

“We will contact the customer to apologise and we understand that ASOS has arranged a refund.”

ASOS confirmed they issued a refund to Lyndsey and declined to comment further.