UK’s “oldest” blood donor makes 185th donation at 83 – Health News UK


THE UK’s “oldest” blood donor has revealed how he recently made his 185th donation and says he wont stop until he hits 200.

83-year-old Derek Rogerson is thought to have saved more than 500 lives over the years since his first donation in 1955.

The retired engineer is O Rhesus Negative, meaning his blood is “always in demand” as it can be given to anyone.

Derek estimates he has donated “nearly ten body’s worth” of fluids, but says he won’t stop until he has hit his milestone.

Derek Rogerson the UK's oldest blood donor
Derek Rogerson the UK’s oldest blood donor has hit his 185th milestone but won’t stop till he hits 200 (C) Derek Rogerson

Posting about his achievement on Facebook on Tuesday, Derek wrote: “Made my 185th donation on Monday.

“Unless anyone knows different, I believe that at 83 I’m now the oldest current donor in the UK – And mighty proud I am as well.

“Hoping to make it to 200 before I sign off.”

He also shared a photo of himself mid donation clutching a sign that reads: “Oldest donor in town.”

His efforts were praised by social media users.

Hazel Asiaw commented: “Brilliant Derek you’re a star.”

The trophy he was given as a thanks for donating 100 times
Derek has donated 92.5 litres of blood which is the equivalent of 10 bodies (C) Derek Rogerson

Paul Nelson added: “I am might proud of you too! What a great achievement.”

Speaking today, Derek revealed he has no plans to stop donating any time soon, he said: “I feel very proud to have reached 185 and will be prouder still if I make it to 200.

“This means another 15 donations at three per year, which will make me 88.

“Approximately 500 ml at each donation is taken. So, if my maths is correct, that equates to 92.5 litres that I have donated, the equivalent of nearly 10 bodies worth.

“I am O Rhesus Negative and am classed as a first responder.

“This is the only blood type that can be given to anybody in an emergency situation and is always in high demand.

The certificate he received for donating 150 times
Derek Rogerson is 15 donations away until he has donated 200 times his blood to help save people’s lives (C) Derek Rogerson

“It is the only type that’s carried in ambulances because of this unique property.

“If I am still in good health then I will continue donating. I always feel better after a donation so maybe there was something in the ancient art of bloodletting.

“I remember well that first time I was coerced into giving blood. I was an apprentice engineer at Leyland Motors and had just turned 18 when the ‘vampires’ or blood donor nurses paid their annual visit to the factory in search of ‘victims’.

“I have to admit that at this particular time in my life I was not keen at all at the thought of giving blood and as the nurses came our way, I dodged behind a large waste bin.

“Just when I thought the coast was clear, a voice whispered in my ear, ‘Have they gone?’ ‘Yeah, I think so’ I replied, turning to see who had spoken to me.

“Imagine my horror to find it was one of the nurses, clipboard in hand waiting to take my details.

“Having been caught so embarrassingly, I hadn’t the nerve to refuse.

“When I turned 70 in 2007, I believed that my donation days were over.

“However, within 12 months or so I was informed that the age limit had been lifted and so once again I was able and proud to continue what I believe is giving one of the greatest gifts that one person can give to another.

“I believe that at 83 I am now the oldest UK donor and while I continue to remain in good health I shall certainly continue to donate.

“I have now reached my 185th donation mark and 200 would be nice to achieve.”