Shocking CCTV shows “brazen” thief steal poppy box from butchers – before hanging around to wait for his change


POLICE are hunting a “brazen” thief who was caught on CCTV stealing a poppy box from a butchers – before hanging around to wait for his change.

The “disgusting” theft from D A Nicholson Butchers in West Derby, Merseyside saw the suspect make off with the collection the day before Remembrance Sunday [7 Nov].

The shop’s owner, Alan Nicholson, shared a video of the incident shortly after it took place appealing for help in locating the suspect.

In the video, a man can be seen entering the butcher shop while digging into his pockets for change to pay for his goods.

After being served and left on his own, he can be seen eyeing up the poppy box sitting right in front of him on the counter.

He then quickly picks up the poppy box and quickly stuffs it into his jacket before zipping it back up just as Alan comes back into frame.

After paying, the brazen thief then waits around for his change before exiting the shop.

Alan took to Facebook to share the clip shortly after, saying: “Poppy box gone!

The thief can be seen here lurching for the poppy box - Viral Video News
The thief can be seen here stuffing the poppy box into his coat, before he hung around for his change. 

“Police have video and I think I know who it was. Just waiting to see him sitting around the village.”

The video of the thief has been slammed by social media users.

Holly Jane Kneller-Tuckey said: “Oh my god, what a d*ck. I hope you catch him Uncle Al!”

Terry Day commented: “Scum, utter scum. Needs a good hiding.”

Thomas Rimmer posted: “Get this pond life off this planet.”

Margaret Wroe also said: “Low life scum bag.”

Speaking today [MON], Alan, 61, said: “It is just so blatant. Taking a poppy box is just terrible.”

A spokesperson for Merseyside Police today [MON] said: “It is with sadness that today (Remembrance Sunday, 8 November)when we commemorate those whose lost their lives in conflict that we are having to appeal for witnesses to the theft of a poppy box from a shop in West Derby yesterday (Saturday, 7 November).

“At about 9.30am yesterday a man walked into a butchers shop on Mill Lane and stole the poppy box from the counter.

“The offender is described as a white male, with black hair (slightly receding) and he had black framed glasses on top of his head.

“He was wearing a dark coloured winter coat over a grey coloured top with a motif on.”