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Animal specialist gives rescue dog Major Biden tips on how to settle into The White House – Worldwide Animal News

With the news that Major Biden will be the first rescue dog to live in The White House, pet wellness brand Itch, has partnered with animal mental health specialist, Dr Robert Falconer-Taylor, to offer some tips to ensure he doesn’t have a ruff transition to his new home.

Moving home, especially to one the size of The White House, could be daunting for humans and pets alike.

Major will be the first recue dog to live in The White House                         Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplashed.

This is especially true for rescue pets who may have experienced previous trauma, so Itch has teamed up with Dr Falconer-Taylor to help Major (and Champ!) settle into their new digs.

He shares some of his top tips for Major, and for others transitioning pets to a new space.

  1. Routine is everything. Try and maintain his normal schedule around the basics such as feeding, walkies and bedtime
  2. Allow at least a six-week settling in period, where Major can be given a bit of slack and White House staff can give him some room to just be himself
  3. Moving home is a big adjustment for a pet to deal with and could cause anxiety, so taking a supplement such as Itch Calm can help to keep them chilled out
  4. Changes in routine will need to be made of course, but try to delay any major ones until the six weeks settling in time is up
  5. This is especially important for the times that Major is left alone, although he does have another doggie companion to help keep him company, this is no substitute for a human. It may be useful to create one of Itch’s pet dens to help him feel safe and secure
  6. Major is going to have a lot of new people he’ll need to get to know, introduce them slowly and let him introduce himself in his own time. If he looks worried, save the introduction for another day
  7. We encourage the President-Elect to plan into his busy day a little time to hug his dogs, it’s good for their emotional well-being (and for his too!)
  8. Let Major become a shining light and an ambassador for rescue dogs all over the world, declare an annual adopt-a-rescue-dog day


Dr Robert Falconer-Taylor (pictured) teamed up with pet wellness brand Itch to offer the tips.                            (C) Twitter

Itch’s range of calming treats and supplements support pets with their anxiety and mental health.

The range has been designed with vets and scientists and contain probiotics, lavender, camomile, essential vitamins and minerals, which all aim to support cat and dog wellbeing.

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