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ARGOS is investigating after multiple customers shared photos showing how their Alba tablets “exploded”.

Shoppers shared concerning images showing “swollen” batteries on the devices, many of which have cracked open to reveal the item’s internal wiring.

Their complaints come after the retailer pledged in September to investigate mum Amy Pear-Saunders’ claim her £50 7” tablet detonated while sat in a drawer.

A picture of a exploded tablet - Consumer News UK
Charles Clout, shared photos of his £70 tablet that exploded.

However, online complaints about the product span back as far as 2019, with many customers claiming that devices they bought a few years prior have begun to malfunction.

Among those to complain is father Charles Clout, from Thurrock, Essex who shared photos of his £70 tablet in a similar state to Amy’s.

He posted images showing his son’s damaged device on Twitter last month [20 Oct] and said: “Alba 7 tablet bought 20/03/2020 battery has expanded (and could possibly explode).

Another view of the tablet with the screen hanging off - Consumer News UK
The plastic frame fell apart due to the pressure from the expanded battery

“I’ve moved it out of the house for now. It isn’t safe to ship/return or send anywhere in its current state.”

Speaking today, the 40-year-old added: “The tablet was charging at the time I found it had expanded.

“The rear plastic frame had popped open and the screen at this point was cracked due to the pressure of the battery prying the tablet open from the inside.

“I’m concerned for the fire risk that batteries in this state can pose.”

Similarly, James Peel, from Devon posted photos on Facebook on 3 November showing how his £100 10” tablet had been warped by a “swollen” battery.

Charles with his sons - Consumer News UK
Charles with sons Max (L) and Jake (R)

James, 35, bought the device in 2018 but only recently noticed a problem.

He said: “I didn’t realise the extent of the issue until recently, probably around April I noticed that there was condensation under the center of the screen which was odd, but thought nothing of it.

“When I went to use it again around a few weeks ago I noticed that the front of the screen had lifted off the casing, and that the casing was bowed because of the swollen battery.”

The same day, mum Stacey Griffin from Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, also posted saying she had the same problem.

She shared images showing how her partner’s device had almost completely come apart and the screen has been left broken.

She wrote on Facebook: “My partner’s Alba tablet seems to have had the battery expand/explode.

“Pictured here you see the swollen battery in what’s left of the casing.  Admittedly it’s about two years old, but still could have been potentially dangerous.

“Makes me wonder about my son’s Alba tablet and whether it’s safe to allow him to keep using it.”

In July, Linda Little also took to Twitter to complain about her Argos tablet “exploding” while she was using it.

While in February last year, dad Ian Masterton posted images online of his own broken device and warned: “Do not buy Alba tablets from Argos.

“Battery has exploded and they have refused to refund, could have been in my child’s hand at the time.”

A spokeswoman for Argos said: “The safety of our products is our highest priority and we are in touch with these customers to investigate their experience.”

However, speaking today Charles revealed he had received “no answer from Argos at all”.

While James also added that he was yet to be contacted regarding his complaint.