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Amateur photographer snaps robin “taking a moment to reflect on life” – Nature News Scotland

Robin in puddle
The thirsty robin had stopped for a drink but was caught by his own reflection (Image: Frank Urban)

STUNNING photos capture a pensive robin “taking a moment to reflect on life”.

The gorgeous bird was snapped gazing at its own reflection in a puddle at Faughlin Reservoir in Campsie Fells, Stirlingshire.

Amateur photographer Frank Urban took the serene shot last Wednesday using a Sony Nex 6 camera he borrowed from his brother.

The image shows the red-breasted robin perched at the water’s edge.

The tiny bird can be seen peering in at its reflection, which gazes back at it against sun-dappled Autumn trees in the background.

Frank Urban selfie
Frank says photography is a hobby for him. (Image: Frank Urban)
Frank, from Cumebernauld, North Lanarkshire, took to social media to share the tranquil moment.

He posted the picture on Facebook on Friday and captioned it: “Taking a moment to reflect on life.”

The image has since been liked more than 4,500 times and has earned Frank, 60, heaps of praise.

Maryanne Brant wrote: “This is absolutely beautiful.”

Alexandra Scott added: “Absolutely precious.”

robin in puddle
Frank says his caption encapsulates “current events” (Image; Frank Urban)

Iain Petrie commented: “Well done. Fabulous capture.”

And Lucy Harper dubbed it: “A countryfile winner for sure.”

Speaking today, Frank explained how he got the shot: “I stopped my car next to the reservoir as I thought the reflection on the water could make a nice picture.

“However I became aware of bird activity on the trees behind me. I spotted the robin and, as it was more in the open, I decided to watch it.

“It then flew down to the ground and I became aware of the puddles of water on the road and that the sun was creating a lovely reflection.

facebook comments
Social media users went wild for his stunning shot.

“I hoped the robin would move to the puddle and it kindly obliged, probably because it was thirsty.

He added: “The reaction has been absolutely amazing, people have been so kind and supportive, quite overwhelming actually.

“When I looked at my picture, I wanted a caption that perhaps would allow people to also take that moment of reflection that the pic suggested.

“On life in general, but probably more about this year’s events.”

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