Shocking moment car crashes into roundabout in heavy fog – Travel News UK


SHOCKING footage captures the moment a driver almost collides with car “going too fast” as it speeds around a roundabout in foggy conditions.

The near miss was caught on dash cam on Saturday night on the A46 outside Newark, Nottinghamshire. 

The clip was captured by 47-year-old Richard Featherby who was driving at the time of the terrifying incident.

In the video Richard can be seen approaching the roundabout which is under repair and lined with cones.

As he indicates to come off, a red Ford Focus zooms in front of him, narrowly avoiding Richard and his Peugeot.

Richard can be heard exclaiming: “F****** hell” as the car races past and slams into roundabout with a crash.

The Ford then comes to a stop in the middle of the roundabout as Richard pulls alongside the car to make sure the driver is okay. 

Car at roundabout
Richard was forced to slam on his brakes as the car sped past. (Image: Richard Featherby)

According to Richard, the Ford was left badly damaged after colliding with the curb in the middle of the roundabout which resulted in the driver side front tire falling off. 

The office worker shared the heart-stopping footage to a motoring group on Facebook shortly after and said: “Roundabout on the A46 near Newark.

“Almost took the front of my car off. Ended up snapping his front wheel off. Date & time wrong on clip.”

The terrifying near miss has stunned social media users.

One viewer wrote: “That was too fast.”

Car at roundabout
The car slammed into the side of the roundabout shortly after. (Image: Richard Featherby)

Another concerned user asked: “Was the driver okay?”

Speaking today, Richard from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire added: “At the time it felt that it must have been millimeters, but on the clip it looks like a foot or so. It certainly shocked me.

“I pulled into the roadworks and got out to check on him. He got out of the car and we chatted for a bit.

“I made sure he was ok and that he had a phone with him to call a recovery truck. 

“Apart from a little shock, he was fine. He thanked me for stopping to make sure he was okay and then I left him to wait for the recovery truck.

“He was going too fast in the fog in my opinion.”