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POLICE are appealing for information after shocking footage emerged showing a thug firing fireworks into a takeaway at terrified staff in an alleged “hate crime”.

The video shows the yob purposefully aiming the explosives into The Khyber Pass, a kebab shop in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

Luckily nobody was injured during the ordeal on Sunday [8 Nov] and police are now seeking information regarding the incident.

The video shows a man in a dark hoodie being filmed as he stands outside the takeaway.

He points the fire work with his right hand and proceeds to fire through the front door of the shop.

A large flash of red appears as the man’s friends can be heard laughing from behind the camera.

The man starts to retreat away from the front door of the shop, as it begins to fill with smoke.

Large flashes of red continue to envelope the store, as the man finally stops and points the fireworks to the sky away from the store for a moment.

Viral News UK - Deadline News
Police are appealing for witnesses over the horrific attack.

From the smoke, another man can be seen running out and he confronts the group.

The man, holding what appears to be a plate to protect his face, keeps moving towards the camera where he is met by a large group of people.

The thug wearing a mask and with his hood up is confronted by the manas his friends egg him on.

The shocking footage was shared widely across social media following the incident where it has outraged viewers.

John Laurie wrote: “What the hell is wrong with these people.”

Viral News UK - Deadline News
The shocking video footage was posted on social media.

Jennifer Reid added: “Don’t know what’s sicker the person doing it or the low life’s who stood there recording and laughing.”

And Paul Saleh said: “What a d******. So hard with all his mates around. I hope he got charged.”

Local reports say that Khyber Pass have estimated the cost of repairing the damage to be around £800.

A spokesman for Staffordshire police said: “Officers received several reports of a gang of masked youths repeatedly throwing fireworks into the front of a takeaway in Uxbridge Street on the evening of Sunday, November 8.

“No-one was hurt in the incident, but an investigation is now under way to find those involved.”

Chief Inspector Clair Langley, from the East Staffordshire neighbourhood policing team, added: “We take incidents of hate crime very seriously and we’re interested in speaking to anyone who might have been in the area at the time.

“Every effort will be made to identify the individuals responsible.

“We are aware of a video being circulated on social media and we will look to take the necessary measures against those involved.

“We continue to work with local partners to ensure the victim is supported.”