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BusinessTackling ‘hidden’ energy costs could save big businesses millions - Business News...

Tackling ‘hidden’ energy costs could save big businesses millions – Business News Scotland

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SSE says its new tech will help save business’ money. (Image supplied)


BUSINESSES could save up to 30% on ‘hidden’ energy costs, thanks to new tech which helps interpret energy use according to one energy company.

The figures from SSE reveal that energy consumers could also increase energy efficiency by 10%, by using automated electricity meters which produce readings every half an hour.

According to the energy provider, businesses can claw back millions in savings by choosing who provides this data to them, as opposed to relying on their energy company to do it for them.

Eunice Mabey, Energy Optimisation Manager at SSE Enterprise Distributed Energy, said businesses across the UK could enjoy substantial cost and efficiency benefits by having their data services managed on a bespoke basis.

SSE optimisation manager
Eunice Mabey says SSE can bring a fresh perspective to the market (Image supplied)

She said: We are new to this market; and can therefore bring in what we feel is some fresh thinking. 

“Our aim is to modernise commercial energy consumption so that we can best help businesses on their journey to net zero carbon emissions.

New technology means we can analyse data forensically to create a clear picture of exactly how energy is being used in one building or across an estate every 30 minutes.

Many businesses are unaware that they can choose their own provider for these data services.

“By choosing their own advisor, businesses can make significant savings on energy contracts and have the assurance that energy invoices are independently assessed and are more accurate.

SSE has brought together a specialist team of half hourly market experts to help thousands of SSE sites overcome the hidden cost of default data aggregation.

Their new service launches this week and hopes to enable easy analysis of electricity data ahead of the rollout of of Smart Meters next year.

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