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The popularity of resin driveways increases, here’s why


 The demand for resin driveways has increased across the country due to increased concerns about flooding. The popularity has led to the demand rising so quickly that landlords are requesting quotes.

A sustainable resin driveway business called Oltco continues to thrive since its launch in February just before the pandemic hit. The demand for resin driveways has enabled their SUDS regulated and low maintenance Recycle Bound product to strike a chord with the market.

As long as you are careful when choosing an installation company, there are still several reasons why the popularity of this type of driveway continues to rise.

A man shovelling snow on a driveway
Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

 Resin is porous

The material is mixed at the job site to ensure that each stone is coated in resin. As it is poured, tiny pores are created. The pores allow water to pass through.

 Resin looks good

 Resin improves the aesthetics of the driveway. It’s also sustainable and durable. Resin is versatile, making it an excellent choice for homeowners who have a specific look in mind.

Weather has no impact

Traditional driveways are often impacted by weather, but not so with resin.

  • Resin won’t become soft during hot weather.
  • It won’t fade due to sunlight.
  • Resin does not freeze during the cold weather.

Made to last

A resin driveway can last for a quarter of a century or more when it is correctly installed and maintained. Warranties vary from between ten and 21 years, but with the right care, you can expect it to last longer.

Requires little maintenance

Hose the driveway down once occasionally, use a stiff brush to remove stains, and that’s all the maintenance your driveway requires. You don’t have to worry about sweeping away loose stones or pulling weeds with resin driveways.

A natural filter

As water permeates the driveway, a type of natural filtration occurs; the pollutants brought about by oil and metals are removed. The resin driveway leaves cleaner air that is free from impurities. 

Goodbye puddles

Since resin is porous and allows water to permeate the surface, the instance of puddles is reduced. This reduction in puddles reduces the instances of flash flooding that occurs due to surface water run-off. 

Compliant with SUDs

SUDs stands for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems. SUDs is a system that was introduced by the Environment Agency. It is used to manage the quality of water and flood risk.

Cooler surface temperature

Concrete and asphalt trap heat and retain it. Resin allows the surface underneath to breathe and remain cooler. The result is cooler surface temperature. 

No need for planning permission

In 2008, government regulations stated that planning permission is not required in certain cases for a resin bound driveway. If your area is 5m2 or made of porous material, you do not need permission. 

As you can see, there are several reasons that resin paving is a popular choice. If you’re looking for something long-lasting, good for the earth, and that helps reduce the risk of flooding, it is worth considering.