Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Shocking CCTV shows shop worker being stamped on and punched – Crime News UK

HORRIFIC footage shows the moment a shop worker is kicked and stamped on by a gang of youths who knock his turban off in the process.

CCTV captured the disgusting incident, which apparently took place at an off licence in Southall, London.

The attack on Wednesday apparently began over “a couple of bags of crisps and drinks” after the shop worker told the group to return the items to the shelves.

In the video, the shop worker can be seen blocking the exit to the shop and standing in the way of four boys.

One of the gang grabs the man and pushes him away from the doorway, allowing the others to escape.

As the youngster grabs the man, an elderly gentleman can be seen behind the counter attempting to scare the gang off with a cricket bat.

As they make their way out of the shop, the worker then lunges for one of them who retaliates by throwing an unknown object at the man who staggers backwards.

The group of mem
The worker can be seen blocking the exit to the shop.

The youth unleashes a kick to the man’s chest and he tries unsuccessfully to return a kick back to the boy.

The worker is then punched to the ground before being stamped on as his turban unravels while the youths make their escape.

The shocking footage prompted a strong reaction online.

The shopkeeper grappling with the boys - Crime News UK
The shopkeeper and youths start to grapple as the violence starts to escalate

@SnootyMcsnoot commented: “Time for a serious conversation about civilians being able to arm themselves.”

@barongbengkung said: “All shopkeepers definitely need weapons. A stun gun or pepper spray would be delicate.”

And @mikestrubel posted: “This video should be played in all the local schools assemblies to shame the culprits.”

The shopkeeper is then attacked by the group of youths - Crime News UK
The youths return with one of them delivering a kick to the shopkeeper which sends him hurtling back

A spokesperson for Met Police today said: “Police were called at 13:45hrs on Wednesday, 11 November to reports of an assault at a commercial premises in Lady Margaret Road, Southall.

“It was reported that a member of staff had been assaulted by a group of four males who subsequently left the location.

“No injuries were reported.

“Officers carried out initial enquiries with the victim. No suspects were identified and there have been no arrests.

“Enquiries into the circumstances, including reviewing available footage, remains ongoing.”

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