11-year-old melt’s internet’s heart after spending pocket money on food for needy instead of new PlayStation 5


AN 11-YEAR-old boy who saved up his pocket money for weeks has stunned his parents by using the funds to buy food for the needy instead of the new PlayStation 5.

Rafia Begum, 37, told how she originally thought her son Mohammad Tashfeen Khalid had asked for the allowance in order to buy the new games console.

But the mum from Halifax, West Yorkshire was left in tears when Tashfeen came to her and revealed his plan for his £70 savings.

The youngster had been profoundly impacted by the hardship he saw as a result of the pandemic and decided to give something back.

Rafia explained: “It was his own idea, we give him some pocket money every month.

“His uncle does charity work for Gambia and he said ‘mum I’m really inspired to do something’.

“When he saw the pandemic, he said, ‘I really want to do something’.”

Youngster gives up saved pocket money to benefit others - Viral News
Pictured: Mohammad Tashfeen Khalid had asked for the allowance in order to buy the new games console.

“He saved money in a money box and asked us to get food, he said do not get anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves.

“I was in tears, an 11-year-old coming to parents to do this, we thought he’d be saving up for a console.

“He wants to do it every month and we said sure, he said there are homeless people who need our support, he has a heart of gold.”

The family decided to donate to Halifax Community Fridge which provides food to those in need.

The organisation shared Tashfeen’s heartwarming gesture on social media on Thursday [12 Nov] and said: “Meet 11-year-old Mohammad Tashfeen Khalid. He’s just started year 7 at Trinity Academy Sowerby Bridge.

“For the past few months he’s been saving all his pocket-money, not for himself, but for those who are struggling in the community.

“Today, straight after school had finished, Tashfeen came down to the fridge with his mother and this amazing donation.

“Tashfeen’s kind donation will go towards helping put food on the table for those struggling to make ends meet in our community.

“When Tashfeen could have purchased the latest Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, he chose to instead give back to the community.

“He’s a credit to his school, family and elders, who have instilled this kindness within him.”

Social media users where delighted of the youngsters idea - Viral News
Social media users where delighted of the youngsters idea.

The post has melted the hearts of social media users who were keen to praise the youngster.

Helen Wade wrote: “If only more of our young people were as thoughtful and kind-hearted.”

Callum Sharp added: “Wow, this shocked me, this guy deserves a citizen award.”

Marcos Anderson said: “His mum and dad should be very proud, what a good little kid.”

Members of the community have even sent cards to show their appreciation.

A post added on Saturday [14 Nov] shows a postcard from an 8-year old and his mother saying: “To Tashfeen, well done! We saw your post on Facebook.

Tashfeen with uncle Nayim Akram who partially inspired his charitable efforts - Viral News
Tashfeen with uncle Nayim Akram who partially inspired his charitable efforts.

“Just wanted to say the world is lucky to have such a kind and helpful soul. Always keep that giving spirit.”

Rafia also revealed that her son had turned down offers of a fundraiser to get him a PlayStation 5.

Rafia added: “I don’t know why he said no, he said ‘mum I don’t want people to think I am a greedy person’.

“I can see him growing into a really nice person.”

Speaking today 11-year-old Tashfeen said: ” The reason I done it was because of my uncle, he gives water to poor people and it really inspired me to be like why don’t i do the same as my uncle.

“It’s really hard for people at the moment, especially the homeless I feel empathy for how they must feel.

“I made my community proud and i am proud, you are influenced by the good people around here.

“My friends were really happy they said good lad, I wanted to inspire them.”

Halifax Community Fridge organiser 28 year old Hassan Riaz said: “Tashfeens donation puts things into perspective really.

“When school children were denied free-school-meals outside of term-time, the same school children decided to take it upon themselves in helping those sleeping hungry in our community.

“The community took a liking to his donation, which subsequently resulted in the post going viral, attracting hundreds of thousands of views.

“It’s inspired other young people to do the same.”