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“Serves him right!” – Moment cyclist riding on pavement is knocked off bike after colliding with van – Viral News Scotland

THIS is the moment a cyclist riding on the pavement slams into the side of a van that fails to see it as it pulls out of a garage.

CCTV footage captured the accident as it took place on the forecourt of Top Car Inverness, Scottish Highlands on Friday.

The video was then shared on social media where it prompted viewers to condemn the biker for cycling on a footpath.

As the clip begins, a van marked Dingbro Ltd can be seen navigating its way out of the dealership.

The driver slows down as the vehicle approaches the junction back onto the road.

Just as the van turns to exit, a cyclist appears on its left hand side moving at speed.

As the van pulls out the biker heads straight into its path, smacking into its side.

However the vehicle continues to manouevre, shunting the cyclist off his bike and onto its bonnet.

Cyclist hit by van driver
The incident was captured by CCTV showing the cyclist speeding into the van (C) Top Car Inverness

The cyclist then slides off the van’s front, landing on his buttocks in a heap on the road.

Luckily he appears unharmed and quickly gets to his feet to apologise, as the van reverses back into the garage.

Since being uploaded to Facebook, the video has prompted hundreds of social media users to condemn the cyclist.

Finlay McCulloch wrote under the post: “The cyclist shouldn’t have been on the pavement. Absolutely no sympathy.”

Cyclist hit by van driver
The clip was shared to social media with many being unsympathetic towards the cyclist (C) Top Car Inverness

Thomas Mitchell said: “Serves him right w****r shouldn’t be on the road. Charge for damage to the Dingbro van.”

Gavin Conlon said: “Were the f*** did he come from.”

However, Neil Hepburn said: “Van at fault. He didn’t brake until after he hit the bike so had no intentions of stopping to check if anything was coming. Friday 13th right.”

Speaking today, the garage’s owners confirmed that the cyclist appeared to have escaped without serious injury.

Cyclist hit by van driver
The car dealership confirmed the cyclist was unbruised from the crash despite the impact (C) Top Car Inverness

A spokesman for Top Car Inverness said: “I just saw the van outside for a while, I was inside working.

“It wasn’t until a friend asked what the traffic hold up was that we checked.

“I felt sorry for both van driver and cyclist. He cycled off so I assume he’s okay.”

Dingbro Ltd declined to comment.

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “Officers are carrying out enquiries after a crash involving a van and a cyclist at 3.30pm on Friday, November 13.

“The van was damaged as a result, but it understood the cyclist was not injured.

“Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to call Police Scotland on 101, quoting incident number 2974 of 13 November.”

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