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Getting Prepared For Christmas


If you’re anything like me, you won’t want to be thinking about it just yet – but Christmas is just a few weeks away. This year has been such a different year for all of us, so it stands to reason that we want to put off thinking about the festive season.

However, Christmas is likely to be different this year so if you want to make the most of it, then now is the time to start planning. Most people are prepared for a change in restriction making a change to their plans, however, that doesn’t mean we can’t plan for the big day and hope for the best. So, I have put together a quick guide on how to get organised, where to buy special gifts from Carus Jewellery , how to get loved ones involved and how we can all ensure the festive seasons isn’t ruined by what 2020 has bought us so far.


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Getting Organised

As much as you might want to put it off, December is coming and with it will bring all things

Christmas. There is no denying that things will very different this year – Christmas markets are

cancelled, we’re unlikely to be able to go to panto and there is a chance you won’t be able to see all of the family that you’d like to. However, we should absolutely be making the most of the time we do have and ensuring Christmas is as good as possible.

Start now with getting organised and thinking about how you can make it special. Reaching out to loved ones will be really important this year; you could ask your children to help make you some cards to post to them over the festive season. Consider who you will be able to spend the day with and also a backup plan in case restrictions do change in any way.

Start Buying Presents

With Christmas looming, starting to buy presents is a really way to ensure the day goes as stress-free as possible. Make a list of who you need to buy for and work out roughly how much you want to spend, that way you can budget and also keep organised on what you have bought and what still needs to be got.

If you’re planning something special this year, now is definitely the time to start looking at what to buy. Antique jewellery makes a really lovely present for someone special, but it isn’t a purchase you want to rush. Instead, you should ensure you do your research and buy something perfect. Not only should you consider what item you want to buy, but also who you buy from.

With such a large and important purchase, you want to make sure you buy from a retailer than offers certificates of authentication and a good returns policy. That way, you can feel confident that you’re buying something genuine and high quality. Carus Jewellery offers all of this as well as free worldwide delivery so their website is worth a browse.

Menu Planning

One of the nicest things about Christmas is the food – so start thinking about what you might want to buy now. Christmas dinner is one of the most anticipated meals of the year, so think about what meat you want on the day and get this planned now. Then consider dinner for Boxing Day, the couple of days after Christmas and of course snacks. Take a look at a calendar and diary, thinking about when is best to go and get this shopping done. If you need to get shopping delivered by your supermarket then getting your slot booked sooner rather than later is highly recommended.

Looking After The Rest of the Family

You might not be able to see everyone to celebrate this year, but try to consider everyone and what they might need. Are you able to get a Christmas dinner to a family member? Should you all arrange an afternoon Zoom call so everyone can have a catch-up? It can be disheartening to know you won’t be able to celebrate in the same way you have with Christmas in the past, but it is important to not let this ruin things.

Think about your friends and neighbours too.

This Christmas will likely be tough for lots of people, so try to look out for others. We all must stick together as much as possible to make sure 2020 ends as successfully as possible.

Knowing You Have Done Your Best

Remember that whatever happens, lots of it is out of your control and that you have done your best. Getting organised now gives you the best possible chance to consider all eventualities and also make sure that everyone over Christmas has what they need. It may be that you have family members who are shielding, so you’ll need to do their shopping for them. Try not to dwell on what you haven’t been able to do, but instead on what you can do. So you can buy presents, you can speak to loved ones and you can enjoy a lovely dinner – as well as some great Christmas TV! All of this is a really wonderful thing, and who knows maybe 2021 will give us a better offering.

If you are shopping for gifts this year, why not shop with local or independent retailers? The big chains such as Amazon have already been really successful this year, but smaller retailers are struggling, especially in areas of strict lockdown.

You don’t have to go out and about to local shops, but certainly looking for independent brands and family-owned businesses is a lovely way to shop if you’re able to. Many of them will have websites, Facebook groups, profiles on Etsy and online presences such as who have put their heart and soul into creating a website that they’re really proud of. So, if you can support any independent businesses like this over Christmas, I am sure it would be much appreciated.