New NHS network launched to transform how Scotland cares for veterans


A NEW care network had been launched today which hopes to transform the way Scotland cares for its veterans.

NHS Scotland, social care partners and veterans’ charities have joined together to ensure former servicemen and women across the country get quicker access to improved care.

The new Scottish Veterans Care Network (SVCN) will focus on improving the health and wellbeing of the 220,000 veterans currently living in the country

A veteran speaking with younger soldiers - Health News Scotland
The service aims to get quicker care for veterans.

The SVCN will target key areas that veterans themselves have identified, such as improving mental health support and ensuring that the same high standard of support is available wherever veterans live within Scotland.

This new network is being managed by NHS National Services Scotland (NSS).

Kate Burley  who is leading the programme for NSS, said: “I am delighted to support the arrival of the Scottish Veterans Care Network.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to enable positive transformation in health and well-being for veterans, their families and their wider communities.

Kate Burley NSS - Health News Scotland
The new network is being managed by NHS National Services Scotland (NSS).
Kate Burley is leading the programme for NSS

“Our shared ambition is that all veterans across Scotland should be able to access the healthcare and support services they need, when they need it, without fear, in a way that puts them and their needs at the centre.”

Dr Lucy Abraham clinical lead for the network, said: “Our Scottish veteran care network is working in partnership to bring together everyone involved in providing specialist care for veterans.

“Our network will work to enrich the lives of all those who have served or are serving, so that veterans can enjoy a positive state of mental and physical health and wellbeing.”

Dr Lucy Abraham - Health News Scotland
Dr Lucy Abraham clinical lead for the network

The Scottish Government is also backing the network and Veterans Minister Graeme Dey said: “The idea behind the Scottish Veterans Care Network is to ensure that we can deliver high quality services for veterans across Scotland regardless of where they are.

“We’re also seeking to raise awareness amongst the medical profession of the specific needs and the nature of our veterans community.”