Trucker snaps incredible shots of squirrel leaping towards waiting hazelnut

Red squirrel mid air
The hungry squirrel was determined to get his food. (Image: Ian Herd Photography)

STUNNING photos capture a red squirrel jumping “to infinity and beyond” in pursuit of a precious hazelnut.

The adorable critter was snapped by truck driver Ian Herd in Alness, Inverness-shire.

The amateur photographer was watching squirrels stocking up for Winter on Tuesday, when he captured the incredible shots.

The images show the squirrel locking eyes with Ian’s Canon R6 camera as it leaps through the air.

Red squirrel jumping
When not on the road, Ian often spends time watching the “comical” squirrels. (Image: Ian Herd Photography)

Its gorgeous bushy tail fans out behind it as it keeps it eye firmly on the prize.

Other photos show the rodent soaring majestically against the backdrop of trees before preparing to land.

The incredible images were shared by Ian on his photography page with the caption: “To Infinity and Beyond!

“Jumping Red Squirrel set taken yesterday afternoon, Inverness-shire, Scotland.
Canon R6 with ISO.”

Hazelnuts are a “particular favourite” of the rodents. (Image: Ian Herd)

Ian’s photos have delighted wildlife enthusiasts.

Joy Bird said: “Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s super squirrel! Wonderful photos.”

Helen Ford wrote: “Outstanding pictures.”

And Janie Ritson added: “Incredible, just wow.”

Red squirrel flying
Only around 12,000 red squirrels remain in Scotland. (Image: Ian Herd Photography)

Ian, 49, says he often can be found watching squirrels.

Speaking today he said: “At this time of year they are preparing for Winter, hazelnuts are a particular favourite.

“I do have a soft spot for the squirrels, it can be nice to put down the camera and just sit and watch them.

“They are quite comical, I’d always recommend watching squirrels if you’re feeling down, they certainly cheer you up.”