Top 5 trending diamond ring designs of 2020 in London, UK


Nothing quite makes a marriage proposal complete like a beautiful and unique engagement ring. With so many diverse choices available in the market, it can be very confusing to choose one which best suits your partner. If your partner likes to keep up with what’s trending then you ought to be armed with the latest ring designs before you head to the shops for purchase. However, one must be careful when it comes to trending stuff since trends tend to rise and fall as quickly as the waning moon. So you shouldn’t choose something that is sure to become outdated in a few years’ time. Certain designs also come back in trend after sometime and some just never lose their grandeur. Hence, mentioned below are some of the trending designs of engagement rings which the jewelry designers say are here to stay.

  1. Hidden Halo rings

We have all heard of the halo design engagement rings, but what’s new is the hidden halo design that has recently hit the markets this year.The halo engagement ring has a small center stone surrounded by pave set tiny stones which are placed to make the center stone appear larger. In the hidden halo ring design the tiny pave set diamonds are embedded in the metal structure on the basket of the ring. This essentially doesn’t change the overall size appearance of the center stone but makes the center stone glow and sparkle from within which actually happens due to the multiple reflection of light rays especially from the bottom of the center stone. Although there is not much change in the appearance, the added glow and sparkle is sure to catch the attention of anybody.

  1. Black Diamond rings

The black diamond gemstones were not very popular until recently and black diamond rings are trending in 2020. Because of their out of ordinary appearance and aura, there has been a renewed interest in black diamond especially when it comes to engagement rings.The most trending design with regard to the black diamonds is the black diamond eternity rings. A continuous set of tiny black diamonds or alternating black and colorless diamonds embedded on a thin metal band look absolutely glamorous. The use of black diamonds with a contrasting yellow gold metal not only makes the get up of the rings unusual and unexpected but also gives it a fashion forward vibe. Not just as eternity rings, but black diamonds paired with contrasting metals and stones in a multi stone ring or a pave set ring also look very chic and stylish.

Photo by Edgar Soto on Unsplash
  1. Two tone rings

A refreshing take on the color of the metal structure and a personal favorite is the introduction of the two tone rings. Two tone rings are basically stacked rings having different metals or a metal structure which contrasts the center stone so that it appears as two different colors. These rings are trending because they offer you room to play with the details of the rings by mixing and matching the color of the stone and the metal structure and choosing something that appeals to you and is unique at the same time. For example, when you are buying a diamond ring with a platinum setting, you can add a thin yellow gold or rose gold metal band to make it a stacked ring. The platinum metal easily blends with the colorless diamonds but the addition of the gold band will not only add warm vibes to the ring but also make it stand out. If do not wish to opt for stacked rings, then choosing a contrasting metal color like platinum for black diamond or yellow gold for colorless diamonds will add elegance and beauty to the ring.

  1. Signet style rings

An old favorite that has recently made its way back into the spotlight is the signet style engagement rings. As more and more people work from home during the pandemic, the focus is shifting towards a ring that is in flush with the fingers and is comfortable to wear not leaving behind the stylish part. Traditionally, the signet rings were carved with the family crest, but to give it a new look, the signet rings today have diamonds and other gemstones embedded in it, making it the perfect combination of traditional and trendy. Signet rings are not just timeless but are considered as a great piece of unisex jewellery that will never lose its shimmer and will be considered as an heirloom.

  1. Multi stone rings

Why just have one center stone on the ring when you can have more. The recent trend of adding accent stones on the ring has caught the attention of all fashionistas. The flexibility of being able to add delicate stones of various shapes and sizes to your rings gives you the freedom to customize your ring according to your tastes and also make it impactful, similar to the solitaire rings. Varying the diamonds shapes on your ring such as combining pear, emerald, baguette and round cuts creates a dramatic chaos which is not just exquisite but also pleasing to the eyes.

Now that you know about the different trending rings designs, you can easily pick one and start planning you dream proposal at a beach honeymoon destination near London.