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UncategorizedNewcastle named the UK’s cleanest city when it comes to laundry

Newcastle named the UK’s cleanest city when it comes to laundry

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It turns out that the residents of Newcastle-upon-Tyne wash their clothes more often than anywhere else in the UK. That’s according to a survey carried out by fitted furniture specialists Hammonds, who asked 2,000 people about their laundry habits – a study that threw up some interesting (and fairly shocking) results.

They also asked for a medical expert’s view on how important it is for us to wash our clothes, towels and bedding regularly, as well as providing guidance on how frequently we should be doing the laundry.

Read on to find out the results of the survey and to see how your washing habits compare to the rest of the nation.

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The importance of doing the laundry

“Washing your clothing items and bedsheets regularly is important for overall cleanliness and ensuring your body remains clean and healthy,” says Dr Aragona Giuseppe, GP and Medical Advisor at Prescription Doctor. “If you do not wash clothing items often you could be at risk of infection or just feeling and smelling unclean.”

Not washing your bedsheets often enough can lead to particularly nasty problems such as fungal infections, bed bugs and skin irritation. So, whether you store your fresh sheets under the bed, behind a sliding wardrobe door or in the airing cupboard, be sure to change them over once every one or two weeks, as recommended. Slightly worryingly, the survey revealed that 30% wash their bedsheets just once a year.

What else does the survey tell us?

  • As many as 18% only wash their jeans on an annual basis.
  • Around 17% of women wash their bras after every use, although it is thought this can weaken the elastic so is not advised.
  • A staggering 10% of men admitted to washing their underwear only after 10 uses.
  • 40% of respondents said they washed their towels after each use.
  • In Newcastle, 17% wash their clothes after one wear – making them the cleanest in the UK.
  • In Belfast, almost one-in-five (19%) only wash their socks after they’ve been worn 10 times.
  • Of 25 to 34-year-olds, 17% wash their clothes after one use. For over 65s, that number drops to 13%.

How often should we wash certain items?

As we’ve already touched upon, Dr Giuseppe recommends washing bedsheets every fortnight at the most. But what about other items? Here’s a guide to help you with all your laundry needs:

  • Underwear – after every use
  • T-shirts – after every use
  • Towels – every three uses
  • Bras – every three or four wears
  • Suits – two to three wears

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