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The Best Cities for Families to Live in the UK


When picturing raising children, many imagine living in a little town far from a city. With the number of job opportunities and activities in higher populated areas, however, many families are opting for life in the city. Thankfully, there are plenty of wonderful cities to live in the UK that accommodate families, and here is the best of them.


Located in North East England, York is a small city jam-packed with history condensed inside its old city walls. With the gothic Minster looming over cobbled streets, York is perfect for those that enjoy a taste of the past. With the flowing river Ouse, the folk music streaming out of old pubs, and the shambles street that looks like it was plucked out of a Harry Potter novel, nobody can deny York’s inherent beauty. It’s not all historic, though – York hosts excellent schools, a fun night-life, and easy transport to other nearby cities like Leeds.


Bristol is a vibrant city residing in South East England that was named the UK’s second safest city, making it a brilliant place to raise children. Residents of Bristol enjoy the proximity to Wales and beaches, so if you feel like leaving the bustle of the city, open water and vast countryside lives close by. If you want a great city with the best of both worlds, Linden Homes have perfect homes in locations that host the best of everything.

Edinburgh, Scotland Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash


Cardiff stands as the capital of Wales, and it encapsulates everything wonderful about the country. Despite being a city, Cardiff holds several friendly residents and has a true community feel to it that’s rare to find in cities. It also has a great range of natural areas, art galleries, and historic sites. Children who grow up in Cardiff will enjoy gorgeous walks, great schools, and plenty of fun to be had at the weekend.


One of the more expensive cities, Oxford is home to more writers than anywhere else in the UK. If you are a creative family with a love for traditional, picturesque buildings and meeting people from all over the world, then Oxford is the city for you. Known for its top university, the city also has excellent schools for children and teenagers. If you live in Oxford, you’ll find inspiration every time you step into the centre.


Edinburgh is a beautiful city home to plenty of Scottish history. With Edinburgh castle watching over the medieval streets, residents enjoy the lines of shops and bars that make up the gorgeous city. Families can rest assured that it’s a great place for children, too, as it was named the safest city in the UK. There are also great employment rates, so if you are between jobs, then it’s an excellent city to search for a new career.


Near to Stone Henge, Bath is surrounded by old Roman walls with a Gothic cathedral at its heart. Green space is in abundance, and there’s a mouth-watering selection of street food, so your family will never get bored of day trips into the centre. It is dog-friendly, kid-friendly, and has something for everyone, including gorgeous Christmas markets and well-rated schools.

Living in the city is not just for twenty-somethings and students leaving home for the first time. If you are a family who wants to enjoy the luxuries of the city but still raise your children in a family-friendly area, then these cities will tick everything on your list.