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Best Steps to Take After a Home Renovation

Property holders who freshly renovated their houses are understandably ecstatic to learn that they can move back in anytime they like, as all preparations have been completed. Some have to wait months, others – years, even, to finalise their homes’ construction projects. After waiting all this time, no one would want to delay the process. This often results in people rushing into moving back in. It does sound logical and the most obvious thing to do. Right?

Alas, this way of thinking is not so much wrong as it is unsafe, dangerous even.

Consequently, it is advisable to hire a qualified team of professionals from a company such as Hampstead Cleaners to make sure your home’s safe to move back into.

English people believe that they should control what happens in their own homes and that no one else should tell them what to do there; the saying “an Englishman’s home is his castle” exists for a reason, after all. Still, instead of a hearty welcome home, thousands of UK-residents are left horrified with epically failed renovation jobs each year. 20% of UK-homeowners end up spending a minimum of eleven thousand British Pounds on home-repairs yearly. In 2017 alone, over forty thousand people contacted Citizens Advice for information on how to restore the horrors of their freshly-renovated homes.

What is there to do to make sure that your home is safe and ready to move into and finally enjoy living? Read on to learn about the best things you can do after a home renovation.

Give Your House a Cleaning Job Before Moving Back In

It may sound like something insignificant, especially after you’ve just finished renovating your home, but professionally cleaning your house before moving back in can help keep you and your family’s health safe. Not all real estate development companies, by far, are competent at properly cleaning up after a construction project. This can result in hazardous living conditions, even if temporary. For instance, left behind dust particles can lead to furniture damage or, even worse, to immediate or long-term breathing issues. As such, it’s better to contact a professional cleaning company like 25% of Britons do.

Another reason that getting your home professionally cleaned after a renovation is a logical thing to do: construction companies often leave behind discarded materials and waste, sometimes accidentally, and sometimes, because it is an extra paid option you didn’t know about. Such waste can include screws, nails, and other sharp objects, and we bet you wouldn’t want that lying around to step on, especially if there are any child-residents.
Hiring a top-tier cleaning company will be tremendously helpful in making sure there are no surprises left behind when your family moves in after the construction crew clears out.

Invite Home Inspectors to Assess Your House

Before moving back into your freshly renovated home, it’s a good idea to invite independent safety inspectors to assess your house to ensure there aren’t any exposed pipes or similar issues. Home inspectors may even find poorly installed appliances or other hazards to your family’s wellbeing. A scary but real-life example is a gas leak or a badly installed ventilation system in a gas fireplace. Potentially lethal amounts of carbon monoxide, also known as the “silent killer,” can have tragic consequences.

Inviting independent home inspectors will naturally result in an impartial investigation.

Another reason for having your home inspected before you move back in is to have an official document that proves you were being cautious and checked your home immediately after the renovation. If anything does come up eventually, you will be able to legally prove that you didn’t cause the issue.
On the other hand, if you wait several weeks or even months before having your home checked-out in-depth by an independent inspector, the renovation company will be legally able to claim that the damage was inflicted by you or other members of your family.

Still Unsure If You Need to Take These Steps?

If you are still having doubts about whether you should hire a professional cleaning crew to polish your renovated home, as well as inviting private and independent home inspectors to make sure it’s absolutely safe to move back in, other options are also available.

It’s essential to make sure to look for advice from licensed experts. Such professionals should have absolutely no connections to the construction company you initially hired and have to stake or interest in the property you own. As we mentioned before, this will eliminate any bias from the assessment and guarantee that you are getting the appropriate advice that you deserve. Afterwards, you will finally be able to move back where your heart is, with your mind at peace.

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