Police share “unbelievable” images of wrecked car still being driven around an hour after it crashed


POLICE have shared shocking images showing the state of a wrecked car they found being driven around for nearly an hour after it crashed.

Officers from South Yorkshire Police (SYP) were left stunned after spotting the motorist in the battered vehicle on Saturday.

The driver was stopped at Attercliffe Common, Sheffield having apparently driven 32 miles from the crash site.

A picture of the mangled car - Viral News UK
The car had taken the near one hour commute in an awful state.

The images show how the silver Vauxhall Zafira’s bonnet has completely folded in on itself, exposing the car’s engine.

The front right light has been completely decimated, while the other is covered by contorted metal.

The car’s bumper has also been left totally crumpled, with wiring hanging over it.

Unbelievably, SYP revealed the driver didn’t feel that his vehicle was unsafe.

A side view of the car from snake pass - Viral News UK
The front of the car was completely destroyed

Writing on Facebook about the stop, they said: “The driver of this Vauxhall Zafira was stopped by our Tutor Unit Constables earlier this morning

“Not sure why they would feel the need to stop the vehicle and speak with the driver?

“The driver explained that he had been involved in a collision earlier in the morning. on the Snake Pass, some distance away from Attercliffe Common.

A map of the route taken by the driver - Viral News UK
The journey took just under an hour.

“He didn’t feel that the dangerous condition of the vehicle and that it had no appropriate lighting for the hours of darkness, would be an issue in him continuing his journey to Sheffield.

“The vehicle was prohibited by Traffic Officers from being used on a road due to its extreme dangerous condition.

“The driver has been reported for using a vehicle on a road in a dangerous condition by the local Constables.”

The images have stunned social media users.

Valerie Mawdsley wrote: “For goodness sake I can’t believe some people driving that on the roads, ridiculous.”

Adrian Paul added: “There are some really, really stupid thick people we have to share this planet with! I mean as thick as pig*** No words.”

And Andrew Kerrison said: “Was the driver part of a local circus? Only a clown would drive a car in that state.”