Student with same name as professor pranks classmate who accidentally emailed him looking for essay advice


A STUDENT with the same name as a university professor has revealed how he pranked a classmate who emailed him instead of his teacher looking for help on an assignment.

22-year-old Darragh Green shared the hilarious email exchange after he was mistaken for University College Dublin (UCD) lecturer, Dr. Darragh Green.

The economics student was stunned when he opened his account on Thursday  to find an email from a student looking for advice on his essay.

Darragh Green - Viral News
Darragh Green shared the hilarious email exchange after he was mistaken for University College Dublin (UCD) lecturer, Dr. Darragh Green.

Rather than correct the unwitting mistake, Darragh replied as Film lecturer Dr Green, scolding the student for “interrupting his badminton session” and advising him to reference “BDSM” in his essay.

Responding to the student, named Gabriel, Darragh wrote: “I made it clear at the start of the year not to email me after 6 PM on Thursday evening, as this tends to be when myself and colleagues participate in our weekly badminton session.

“Luckily for you we have skipped this week as Professor Douglas Clark seems to have a minor bowel problem after a rather spicy Chinese yesterday.”

An image of University College Dublin (UCD) - Viral News
Film lecturer Dr Green currently works at University College Dublin (UCD)

Darragh then goes on to say how Gabriel’s suggestions for texts to use in the essay sound “ideal”, before linking to a Youtube video of an X-Factor audition.

He continues: “Be sure to reference ideas of bondage and BDSM as they are both key aspects of authority and freedom, you will find many videos on the internet about this as I’m sure you know yourself.”

However eventually, at the end of the e-mail Darragh comes clean, saying: “Best of luck when you get in contact with the actual lecturer, sounds like a great approach to me anyway. 1.1’s all round.”

The email penned by Darragh Green - Viral News
The hilarious emailed advising him to reference “BDSM” in his essay.

A tickled Gabriel then replied: “Thank you for your time and I wish you best of luck in the following badminton sessions.

“Thank you for your response. It was actually really funny, I was confused for a second there like damn, I had no idea not to send email on this day at this specific time.”

Prankster Darragh took to social media the next day to share the joke.

He explained on Twitter: “So apparently I have the same name as a lecturer in UCD and well one of my so called students was looking for a bit of advice on his assignment. So I went with it.”

Social media users have been left in stitches by the hilarious exchange.

Danielle Keating said: “I am crying hahah, only you this would happen to.”

@Squidbizniz added: “Buddies for life.”

And @onorina_ wrote: “Creasing at this.”

Speaking today, Darragh added: “Well at first when I saw his original email I was a bit surprised obviously, intrigued as to why I got the email, I read along it became obvious there was a mistake along the line.

“Being a student myself I thought, it’s best I email him back as there is nothing worse than emailing a lecturer on an assignment and receiving no reply.

“Before I did so I thought I may as well have a bit of fun with it. Hopefully he gets a laugh out of it and I will too.

“So as you can see that was the result I came to with choosing a suitable but not too derogatory message to make him laugh.

“I was glad to see he took it lightheartedly, but I also hope he’s glad I got back to him so he knew he had the wrong email.

“It was obviously not originally intended for twitter until a friend or two of mine suggested putting it up and hence I shared it with the world.”