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From Berlin to LA – Meet Celebrity Talent Agent Siavash Aghaiepour


Siavash Aghaiepour. was born in Abadan, south of Iran, in Iran. At the age of 2 Sia moved to Teheran and then Germany at the age of 12.

The turn in life into the Music Business was unexpected; Siavash was accepted at the University of Berlin to study medicine.

Since it was a 5 hour drive away Sia decided to throw a “going away” party at a bar with some friends.

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6 months later the bar owner asked when Sia would be throwing another party, because so many people showed up and they were still talking about it.

The bar owner suggested they invite people to the party and charge at the front door. This was the beginning of Sia’s career in entertainment.

HR Booking started with Siavash Aghaiepour’s journey back to Berlin to look for a club to promote parties.

Sia decided on Globus, a Techno club, and invited DJs from New York to create Hip Hop parties.

This unique approach caught the interest of other club owners, who would request the DJs perform at their club before or after their performance in Berlin.

This is how Sia went from promoting to booking. HR Booking currently has three offices.

The first started out in Stuttgart, Germany which was together with 0711 Hip Hop. Later Sia’ brother Roozbeh Aghaie Pour became his business partner and they moved the office from Stuttgart to Mannheim.

The second office started in New York but moved to Miami in 2012. The third office opened in Dubai in 2014.

Sia was doing a show with Pitbull in Cannes, south of France, when several women approached and asked to take a picture with him.

The next day Pitbull had a show in St Tropez, which was an hour away. The young ladies were also there and hung out backstage.

A few months later they called saying they were royalty from Dubai and they would like to have Pitbull perform at a private birthday party; This was the first six figure amount Pitbull received in Dubai.

Siavash aghaiepour has a new world-wide partnership with APA, one of the largest diversified talent agencies in the industry, which gives access to television, film, college shows, casino shows and brand endorsements to artists.

It allows Sia to give contacts and artists new opportunities that previously weren’t available. Unfortunately, Covid has put work on hold and prevented Sia from using the partnership to its fullest extent.

During this time all of the work that was backed up is being handled in order to come back strong when things are back to normal.

One of the funniest moments Sia remembers was waiting to get on the plane; While they were boarding the artist wanted to go to Burger King before leaving. The artist was extremely picky about how they wanted their burger made and this resulted in them missing the plane. In that moment.


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