Police share hilarious photo of dung-spattered suspect rescued from slurry pit that he jumped in to evade capture


POLICE have shared a hilarious image showing how a suspect ended up covered in cow dung after jumping in slurry to evade capture.

The officers in Sussex revealed how they were forced to perform a rescue mission after the hapless man was found “neck deep” in the excrement.

The suspect had been spotted as a passenger in a stolen vehicle this morning and ended up jumping in the waste in his hurry to escape.

However, cops revealed they eventually caught up with him, retrieving him from the slurry and placing him under arrest.

suspect covered in waste
The man was found “neck deep” in the excrement. (Image: Sussex Police)

The image shows the man in cuffs standing next to an officer, who is wisely sporting some rubber gloves.

The suspect’s boxers are on show as he stands completely caked in the thick, brown cow dung.

Pieces of straw can also be seen clinging to the man’s spattered clothing.

Sussex Police shared the photo to their Facebook page shortly afterwards, saying: “This passenger of a stolen car thought he could get away, but it turned out not to be his lucky day.

“Eager to evade and fleeing in a hurry, the suspect was eventually arrested, neck-deep in a pit of slurry.

social media post
The post prompted several pun-filled responses.

“Thanks to determined officers a rescue ensued, and they all ended up safe, but covered in cow poo.”

The photo, which has been liked thousands of times, has had social media users in stitches.

Gill MacLaine said: “OMG I really hope someone hosed him down before transporting him. I bet the custody staff have demanded compensation too.”

Holli Featherstone added: “Man he really is in the sh*t! Nice pants.”

Sarah Marshall Hill joked: “I hope he stops ‘muck-in’ about now!”

And Keith Hills said: “I bet he said he was innocent and the custody sarge said Moo-ving statement, but to pull the udder one.”

Police share hilarious picture of evading criminal, who ended up in cow dung - Viral News

Sussex Police today confirmed the photo was in relation to an incident which took place on Saturday.

A spokeswoman for Sussex Police said: “Police investigating an incident where a vehicle failed to stop for officers on the A259 south of Hooe want to trace the driver of a blue BMW car which was nearly hit by the vehicle.

“The Suzuki Vitara made off from police on the A259 into Green Lane in the direction of Hooe. Officers pursued the vehicle which proceeded to be driven at high speed.

“It then narrowly missed a head on collision with a BMW being driven in the opposite direction at 1.10pm.

“It eventually stopped in Wartling and officers arrested a 27-year-old man on suspicion of driving while disqualified, taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent, failing to stop and possession with intent to supply cannabis.

“A 24-year-old man was detained on suspicion of being carried in a vehicle without the owner’s consent and possession with intent to supply cannabis.

“The two arrested men have now been released on bail until 24 December for further enquiries.