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Three quarters of Brits confused over tier system regulations

BRITONS are largely confused about where they can travel to and from in the UK this Christmas according to a new report

The report has revealed that three quarters of Brits are baffled as to where they can travel.

A quarter of those who responded to the research were reported to have had no clue on how the tier system works.

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The report, conducted by travel lodge surveyed 2,000 British adults to seek their views on the current travel arrangements.

Over a third of British adults reported that they would like more clarity on where they can holiday and travel too within the UK this festive season.

The report also revealed despite most of England being in tier two, 65% of Britons living in tier two regions think they are not allowed to travel or holiday in another tier two area.

The report also revealed that 55% of Britons do want to take a short break at home this festive season so that they can safely see family and friends or take a small holiday at home.

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge Spokeswoman said: “Our latest travel report reveals Britons are baffled as to whether they can travel within the current tier system.

“With the festive season fast approaching there is certainly a demand for Britons wanting to take a short break and many will be pleasantly surprised to find out that they can travel safely.”

The  research findings further  that people from Sheffield  are the most confused about whether they can travel or not across the tier system with 87% of Sheffield residents reporting that they don’t understand the tier system.

Newcastle residents are in second place with 86% of Newcastle residents admitting that they find the tier system very confusing and Coventry residents at 85% take third place.

Shakila Ahmed added:”We are looking forward to welcoming customers back to our hotels post the second lockdown and earlier this year we invested in a multi-million Covid safety programme called TravelodgeProtect+.

“This programme has been designed to keep our customers and teams safe and has been implemented into all hotels.”

“It is essential that before making travel plans that you are fully informed on the tier travel guidance for your residential region and visiting location. In addition to the government website you can obtain detailed information on travelling in the UK on the British Tourist Authority”

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