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“Roly polying” mouse goes viral after spinning its way to safety from cat – Viral News UK

AN ACROBATIC mouse has gone viral after being filmed “roly polying” to freedom following a near-miss with a playful cat.

Sadie Dumont filmed the moment she saved the rodent from her cat by scooping it up in a bowl at her home in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

In the short clip, the brown furry mouse can be seen lying in the bowl while Sadie makes her way to the back door.

But almost immediately, the squeaky animal begins frantically rolling around horizontally against the curve of the bowl.

Sadie is shown lowering the mouse to the ground to let it free before it rolls its way off five times before stopping and laying on its side.

Sadie, who runs her own trainer customisation business, can be heard saying “Oh f***ing hell. Oh s***” and laughing as it rolls its way to safety.

She posted the clip on Twitter (OCT 7) where it has since gone viral with over 1.5million views and thousands of comments from viewers.

She wrote: “Just had to share this video of a mouse f****** roly polying away after I saved it.”

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Sadie saved the mouse after her cat brought it in.

One Twitter user wrote: “He’s absolute jam rolly polly’d.”

Another said: “Why is it being so dramatic?”

Another user commented: “That’s a combat roll. Mouse is ready to protect its saviour.”

However, many viewers pointed out that the spinning might have been the result of some problem with the mouse.

One concerned viewer wrote: “Apparently this can be caused by a bad inner ear infection. 

“It’s balance is affected and so it essentially has no clue what to do. It just rolls and rolls, doesn’t eat etc and eventually can die.”

And another added: “This is actually sad because it’s caused by ear infections that can kill them.”

Speaking today Sadie said: “My cat had brought the mouse in and I had to take it off her because I didn’t want her to eat it.

“I had to chase it around the house then eventually caught it and set it free in my garden.”

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