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What Do You Need to Know About Game Tokens Before Buying Trivia Board Games


Board games are a fantastic way to entertain oneself and others for hours on end. They are a fun activity designed to bring together friends and family members. They involve interactions between the participants in such a manner as to create lasting, positive memories of the event that they can fondly reminisce for years to come. They also help to strengthen the bonds between the participants.

There have been many popular board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Othello, Cluedo, etc. They each have their style and ways of entertaining their players. Trivia board games belong to this category of popular board games. They use players’ general knowledge of the world or a particular thing as a form of competition.

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Some Trivia About Trivia

Trivia is the collective term for pieces of information that we know is of little practical use. The trivia game exploits this little-used resource within us to function. This category’s first board game was introduced in 1981 by Chris Haney, a Canadian called Trivial Pursuit. Trivia board games have broadened their scope of topics covered since and have regularly updated themselves according to present times.

Today, different manufacturers create different trivia games based on various categories, playing methods, and demographics. There are also those specially made for the baby boomer generation, like Boom Again, and senior citizens can enjoy a lot by using their vast life experiences and knowledge.

How It’s Played

There are many versions of the game which are played in different ways according to their creator’s intention. Some elements, however, are common between them all, like the question and answer. The end goal can also vary, as well as the setup.

Questions are divided into categories, and everything under the sun and beyond can be included as categories. Games can also focus on a particular theme, event, period, demographic, and other such topics.

A few people gather together and divide themselves up into individual players or teams. The board game is then laid out in the center, and tokens placed as instructed by the how-to book of a particular game.

Questions are asked to one another or opposite teams in turns, and the tokens are moved forward when they are answered correctly. This movement again depends on the version of the game being played.

The winner is determined by either the gain of a certain number of tokens or upon reaching a designated spot on the board or both. The questions are asked from a set of cards or other such lists made available with the game.

How Trivia Tokens Are Their Own Special Thing

Accessories that come with board games are not a factor that people usually consider when buying one. This is because there isn’t much scope for customization in most cases, and most players do so casually, thus finding no need to spend extra on something they’ll only use for a short while infrequently.

Some game accessories, however, are seen as more than just that. People get them customized to their tastes, sometimes at great costs. Trivia game tokens are one such item. They can be rather generic pieces of plastic included with the game or specially bought/made for the likes of the player.

Theme based trivia games are famous for such customizations. They come with tokens that suit that theme only. They vary in terms of characters, size, shape, color, and other such characteristics.

For example, boomer focussed ones contain tokens that hark back to the decades from the 50s to the 70s as the game is all about that era. Things like Kennedy election buttons, WW2 memorabilia, Elvis’s guitar’s miniature replica, and such curiosities tend to be contained in them.


External Options for Buying Tokens

Thanks to their popularity and variety, trivia game tokens are now available as separate items to buy from many stores. Manufacturers create them based on many themes and materials. They are also available as part of some other accessories like key chains and fancy jewelry.

Customers thus need not worry about losing the tokens they were given with the game. A plethora of options are available elsewhere that they can replace them with or even buy before buying the board game itself.

They can be purchased at relatively cheap rates. The price varies by the theme, material, sophistication of design, one-off made-to-order or mass-manufactured, etc. Many online retailers have them and offer them as special gift packages that can be delivered to anyone you wish.

The custom token market for trivia board games is an evergreen one. They add a touch of special splendor on top of the entire fun experience of the game itself for a comfortable price.