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Epic Pubs in Europe

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The continent of Europe is famous for many things. It mostly has to do with the level  of diversity you can explore in terms of different traditions, cultures, and languages in a relatively small space.

In the grand scheme of things, the most famous European countries spread across quite a small geographical area. Compared to any other continent, there is no better place for a rapid tourist trip across multiple countries.

Most of the popular European countries and cities are known for, apart from the long history and magnificent buildings, is entertainment. More precisely the nighttime and fun activities you can do. Almost all of the European capitals are great party cities and places where you can have never-ending fun, or as long as you can keep spending money and stay on your feet.

In this article, we will narrow down these activities to the best-known kind in Europe. Spreading from the British Isles centuries ago and mixing with the already established practices in all the different corners of Europe, we are, of course, talking about pubs.

When one hears the word pub in the modern age, a traditional British or Irish pub spurs to mind, and each of us has a specific interior and ambiance in mind. For a pub to be among the best, however, there is so much it has to give and take. Europe is by far the best destination for touring the best pubs globally, so make sure to read this article carefully if you wish to learn more about them.

street in Krakow, Poland
Image by Nomadic Julien on Unsplash

The Best Pub Cities

While mentioning some of the most incredible places in the old continent to drink beer and eat quality comfort food, we will also talk about the world’s absolute pub capitals, all conveniently located on the same continent for your convenience.

  1. London, England

The very essence and fabric of the capital of England and Great Britain are reflected in the pub culture. Both traditional ones with wooden furniture and large bars where every night ends in chaos, or modern gastro concept establishments.

There are thousands of them in one of the most important cities on the globe. Old-school taverns are still the most popular, mostly in Covent Garden. If you wish to experience a Victorian-era place, try Hammersmith. The West End, as the leading high-end part of the city, is reserved for contemporary, classy businesses that break the barriers between regular pubs and stylish bars. If we had to choose a few for you to visit, let it be The White Horse and Dublin Castle.

  1. Krakow, Poland

Although the Polish people are much more famous for drinking vodka, like the rest of Eastern Europeans, the second-largest city in the country is one of the world capitals when pubs are concerned. There are hundreds of them in the town, evident from the map dotted with fine establishments.

Some are traditional English and Irish versions, while others are more Polish in tradition, atmosphere, and culture. What is true for all of them is a quality beer, heaps of vodka and other strong beverages, good food, fantastic music, and never-ending nights of partying.

If you want to experience everything it has to offer, you have to try a Krakow stag do. The wide range of fantastic nightlife solutions and fun daily activities make this beautiful city a dream destination for male friend groups, bachelor nights, and guys looking for the highest amount of fun times possible. 

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Famous for 18-and-above-friendly activities and all sorts of things being perfectly legal, the Netherlands’ capital is among the finest destinations if you are looking to have all kinds of fun.

From the Red Light District and its canal side pubs to local craft breweries that manufacture excellent beer, there is no shortage of opportunities to get drunk in this great European capital. Inns and taverns do not take long to be spotted by even the most distracted tourists, and the abundance of Irish pubs guarantees a fantastic night out, whatever your idea of fun might be.

  1. Dublin, Ireland

If we are to pronounce the world’s official pub capital, it would have to be somewhere in Ireland, and what better city to choose than the beautiful and historic capital of Dublin.

From the Grogan’s Castle Lounge and The Guinness Storehouse to one of the newer, more modern takes on the traditional Irish pub, you cannot make a wrong decision while deciding where to have your daily beer, an afternoon Irish coffee, or a few Irish shots start a fun night of binge-drinking.

The city has approximately 751 pubs by official accounts, most located alongside the River Liffey at the very center of town. Do not leave until you have visited the classics like The Temple Bar or The Brazen Head, the latter originating in 1198 and the oldest pub in the city. There is nothing better for an authentic pub-crawling experience than the cobbled streets around the riverside area there.

  1. Munich, Germany

The famous German city’s main street is dotted with Brauhaus, brewery-pub establishments that usually double as restaurants that offer classic German meals.

A traditional wurst sausage mixed with a slight German beer is the best possible food and drink combo to have anywhere in Germany, especially Munich’s excellent party city. Most places downtown play beautiful folk music that you do not have to understand to enjoy.

Bavaria is known for welcoming people, mouthwatering recipes and beverages, and long history and tradition. To experience it all, there is no better place than Germany’s capital. Our pick would have to be the Hofbrauhaus, one of the best-reviewed and most respected taverns globally.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech people love drinking and eating, and their capital is well known as one of the best places to do so in the whole of Europe. Some tasty traditional recipes and excellent Czech beer, have a pub-crawl alongside the main streets around the city square.

Prague is famous far and wide for its pork knee/knuckle, a tasty pork dish that tastes best with a craft beer to wash it down nicely. All restaurants serve it and advertise it, so you cannot miss it even if you want to. Once you become exhausted from touring all of the historical sights of the marvelous old parts of town, a warm meal and cold beer combo will rejuvenate your body and mind!

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