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Live Chat in Online Businesses


Find out the benefits of implementing a Live Chat system

Research says that a typical customer journey is filled with anxiety and the fear of buying the wrong product. Almost 77% of customers want to interact with real people over some AI-powered machinery. They believe in the word-of-mouth more than what they read or consume through other advertising sources.

Other sources such as email or social media have only moderate success (45%-65%) when it comes to customer satisfaction levels. On the other hand, Live Chat has an incredible 75% success rate for customer satisfaction.

Now, let’s look at some benefits live chat offers to an online business:

  1. Quick and almost instantaneous customer service.

The customer can text the problem they are facing to an agent directly and expect an almost reply. The main benefit of the live chat model is that it works both ways. Sometimes a customer may face difficulty in explaining an issue to the agent through an e-mail but live chat is more intimate. The agent can ask all the questions they want and give a conclusive solution. For example, the Live chat system at Parcel2go live chat provides around the clock instant service to their customers.

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  1. Multiple chat windows for the agent.

The main benefit that comes with Live Chat is that a single agent can chat with multiple customers at one point unlike other modes of communication. This saves a lot of time and also reduces stress on the agents.

  1. Decode Customer Needs:

Live Chat is more than just a tool. This software also gives the businesses an idea about the background of their customers. Having an idea about customer demographics is a powerful tool in business armoury. 

  1. Collection of Data:

Some chat software collects crucial information such as the number of visits on the web page, the time spent, the type of system used by the customer and geographical data. All these data can be collated and used as a reference for creating services that are much more customer-oriented and tailor-made to suit the market trends. 

  1. Customer-oriented service.

Customers value personal and individual experience more than anything. Live Chat allows the businesses to provide the customer with a personal touch that builds a rapport with them and makes them want to trust the business. Very live chat excels at providing a wholesome and unique experience to its customers through live chat.

Implementing Live Chat can be tricky. The key is to think from a buyer’s perspective. Collecting and understanding how a customer thinks and behaves when surfing the website is crucial. This allows the business to stay ahead of the curve and introduce services that not only satisfy their existing customers but also reach new ones. Just implementing a live chat is not enough, proper maintenance is also required to keep the systems and the service flowing properly. To ensure smooth flow and proper working of the Live Chat support system, a lot of communication between all the departments is also required.

Live chat not only acts as a channel of communication between the business and its customer but also it can be used as a survey tool to understand customer trends and demographics. Having a knowledge of the demographics the business is operating in can be essential to its growth and can ultimately increase the business’s ROI in the long run.

Live Chat is the quickest channel of communication with the customer. But many businesses still under-utilise it. As explained above, it is much more than a simple tool. It brings more traffic and provides a unique and wholesome customer experience which in turn leads to more people using the website. In conclusion, we can say that live chat support is a technology that empowers businesses to deliver quality services and it is here to stay.